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July 2003

Fitness Rx For Men succeeds as your one stop fitness information source, focusing on the most scientific, cutting edge research available on training, diet and nutrition, and by serving it up in a comprehensive, entertaining fashion. We stick to our core concept!

July 2003 Table of Contents


  • Training RX Special
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey,EdD.

  • Body Sculpting
    Unilateral training to build stronger legs.

  • Muscle Specifics
    Soar to new thigh and hip power with lunges.

  • Cardio Burn
    Burn 1000 calories, and lose weight faster.

  • Expert Q&A
    By Steven J. Fleck, PhD and William J. Kraemer, PhD.

Diet & Fat Loss

  • Fat Loss, RX Cuts
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Supplements RX Capsules
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Nutrition RX Scoops
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Fat Attack
    Sun exposure and fat loss.

  • Supplement Edge
    Exploring alternatives to ephedra

  • Ultimate Nutrition
    The science behind high protein / low carb diets.

  • The MediterrAsian Diet
    By Robert Haas, MS


  • SexRx Quickies
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Health Rx Report
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Men's Health
    Does heavy weight training damage blood vessels?

Inside Edge

  • Co-Publisher's Letter
    By Elyse and Steve Blechman

  • Mail Room
    Keep those cards and letters coming.

  • On The Shelf
    Hot New Products


  • Style Rx Briefs
    By Bryan Melville

  • Women of Style
    Cover Girl Nikki Ziering

  • Bedroom Muscle
    Sexual Fitness Q&A


  • Supersets for Wide Shoulders
    V-Back and small waists.

  • Lift Weights
    To stoke your metabolic fire!

  • The best cardio machine workouts
    Melt away the fat in 4 weeks.

  • The Fitness Rx Fat Burning Diet
    Carb Cutting in the extreme - it works.

  • Interview!
    Exclusive interview with Dr. Robert Atkins.