2000 Ironman Pro Pictures
By Ron Avidan

Contest Results / Reports

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2000 Ironman Pro Bodybuilding Results
2000 Ironman Pro Bodybuilding Report

Ironman Pro Pictures

Misc photos from the Ironman contest include:

Chris Cormier
Flex Wheeler
Dexter Jackson
Gunter Schleirkamp
Darrem Charles
Dennis James
Craig Titus
Tom Prince
Claude Groulx
J.D. Dawodu
Anthony 'Wolf' Williams
Dennis Newman
Johnny Moya
Charles Kemp
Dave Fisher
Ahmed Haider
Gustavo Badell
Ed Van Amsterdam
Craig Licker
Fuazi Hanst
Christian Lobarede
Frederico Focherini
Ntuk Ntuk
Patrick Lynn

Roland Kickigner
Paul Dillet, Chad Nichols, Kim Chivesky