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2009 Ironman Pro Results
January 24, 2009 at Los Angeles, CA
(Los Angeles Convention Center)

1Silvio SamuelSpain108826
2Moe ElmoussawiNew Zealand2210941
3Ronny RockelGermany32171463
4Hidetada YamagishiJapan40141771
5Ahmad HaidarLebanon602625111
6Eddie AbbewUnited Kingdom623496
7Mohammad BannoutLebanon623496
8Mark DugdaleUSA7636112
9Marcus HaleyUSA8446130
10Johnnie JacksonUSA10656162
11Troy AlvesUSA11257169
12Oliver AdzievskiSweden11063173
13Martin KjellstromSweden13261193
14Thomas BenagliItaly13665201
15Constantino DemetriouAustralia14270212
16Omar DeckardUSA15876234
17Adorthus CherryUSA16080240
17Fedel ClarkeCanada16080240
17Tamer El ShahatEgypt16080240
17Oleg EmelyanovRussia16080240
17Aiman FaourLebanon16080240
17DeShaun GrimezUSA16080240
17Rusty JeffersUSA16080240
17Mark LaVoieCanada16080240
17Don LongUSA16080240
17Daron LytleUSA16080240
17Cesar MendibleVenezuela16080240
17Evgeny MishinRussia16080240

2008 Ironman Pro Results
February 16, 2008 at Los Angeles, CA
(Los Angeles Convention Center)

1Phil Heath USA105520
2Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico20121042
3Moe Elmoussawi New Zealand38141567
4Silvio Samuel Spain34212075
5Johnnie Jackson USA50232598
6Desmond Miller USA623193
7Eddie Abbew England7040110
8Toney Freeman USA8439123
9Troy Alves USA8843131
10King Kamali USA10657163
11Will Harris USA11853171
12David Henry USA11459173
13Khalid AlmohsinawiNetherlands12461185
14JoJo Ntiforo USA14272213
15Ray Arde USA15076226
16Alfonso Del Rio Spain15276228
17Paul Baker Jamaica16080240
17Troy Brown England16080240
17Rodney Davis USA16080240
17Omar Deckard USA16080240
17DeShaun Grimez USA16080240
17Neset Icli Netherlands16080240
17Rusty Jeffers USA16080240
17Ken Jones USA16080240
17Vincent Liu Canada16080240
17Sergey Ogorodnikov Russia16080240
17Dragan Paunovic Serbia16080240
17Gian Enrico Pica Italy16080240
17Armin Scholz Germany16080240
17Nathaniel Wonsley USA16080240
17Mehmet Yildirim France16080240
DNFJimmy Canyon USA160
King Kamali
Melvin Anthony

2007 Ironman Pro Results
February 17, 2007 at Pasadena, CA
(Pasadena Civic Auditorium)

1Toney FreemanUSA55515
2Mark DugdaleUSA11101031
3Eddie AbbewEngland17161649
4Samuel SilvioSpain20141761
5Marcus HaleyUSA23312579
6David HenryUSA302959
7Hidetada YamagishiJapan352560
8Ahmad HaidarLebanon434083
9Omar DeckardUSA464793
9Joel StubbsBahamas454893
11Kris DimUSA6060120
12Rusty JeffersUSA6856144
13Roc ShabazzUSA6066126
14Moe ElmoussaouiNew Zealand6364127
15Daniele SeccarecciItaly7271143
16Sergey ShelestovRussia8079159
17Jason ArntzUSA8080160
17Eryk BuiUSA8080160
17Aiman FaourGermany8080160
17Rod KetchensUSA8080160
17Martin KjellstromSweden8080160
17Francesco MazzottaItaly8080160
17Clifton TorresUSA8080160
17Fabrizio ZittucroItaly8080160
DNFFrank McGrathCanada80----
OutLuke WoodAustralia

2006 Ironman Pro Results
February 18, 2006 at Pasadena, CA
(Pasadena Civic Auditorium)

1Lee PriestAustralia56617
2David HenryUSA11131236
3Troy AlvesUSA16131443
4Kris DimUSA20171855
5Mark DugdaleUSA25262576
6Mustafa MohammadAustria353368
7Toney FreemanUSA353772
8Eyrk BuiUSA373976
9Ahmad HaidarLebanon454489
10Chris CookUSA5152103
11Armin ScholzGermany6153114
12Martin KjellstromSweden6061121
13Oliver AdzievskiSweden6960129
14Moe ElmoussawiLebanon7666142
15Nathan WonsleyUSA7671147
16Heiko KallbachGermany77
16Rodney St. CloudUSA77
16Hidetada YamagishiJapan77
19Evgeny MishinRussia78
20Mo AnoutiLebanon80
20Paul BakerJamaica80
20Tamer ElshahatEgypt80
20Derik FarnsworthUSA80
20Kai GreeneUSA80
20Ntuk NtukNigeria80
20Dragan PaunovicYugoslavia80
20Arnaud PlaisantFrance80
20Heinz SeniorVenezuela80
20Emmanuel TzinidisGreece80

2005 Ironman Pro Results
February 19, 2005 at Pasadena, CA
(Pasadena Civic Auditorium)

Gutavo Badell wins the first pro show of the season, in a close race with Lee Priest. Here are the scorecard results:

1Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico11510531
2Lee PriestAustralia81571343
3Troy AlvesUSA2010181260
4Melvin AnthonyUSA1120142065
5King KamaliUSA28272625106
6Craig TitusUSA28303795
7David HenryUSA373635108
8Mark DugdaleUSA443634114
9Mike MorrisUSA374450131
10Idrise Ward-ElUSA505156157
11Jojo NtiforoUSA585452164
12Rusty JeffersUSA646061185
13Ed Van AmsterdamHolland696667202
14Frank RobersonUSA787359210
15Heiko KallbachGermany777375225
16Jimmy CanyonUSA8077157
17Youssef El-ZeinLebanon8080160
17Derik FarnsworthUSA8080160
17Christina LoberedeChili8080160
17Fracesco MazzottaItaly8080160
17Jocelyn PeletierCanada8080160
17Massimo ValliItaly8080160
17Hidetada YamagishiJapan8080160
DNFPatrick LynnUSA59DNF

2004 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 21, 2004 at Pasadena, CA
(Pasadena Civic Auditorium)

Gustavo Badell come from nowhere to qualify for the Olympia with his 3rd place fininsh here at the Ironman. Tom Prince dropped out five minutes prior to round one beginning due to health issues. Here are the scorecard results:

1Dexter JacksonUSA555520
2Lee PriestAustralia1010121244
3Gustova BadellPuerto Rico3516141479
4Ahmad HaidarLebanon1920232183
5Craig TitusUSA1725202486
6David HenryUSA26323088
7Johnnie JacksonUSA353536106
8Bob CicherilloUSA394543127
9Idrise Ward-ElUSA434049132
10Ronny RockelGermany455254151
11Jason ArntzUSA565355164
12Lee PowellEngland725962193
13Paul BakerJamaica676871206
14Mohamed AmoutiLebanon72167210
15Rod KetchensUSA737269214
16George TurmonUSA688070218
17Ntuk NtukNigeria908990269
18Dragan Paunovic-978887272
19Ken JonesUSA869998283
20Clifton TorresUSA979894289
WtdrwTom PrinceUSA

2003 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 15, 2003 at Los Angeles, CA
(Marsee Auditorium, El Camino Community College)

Chris Cormier decided at the last minute to pull out of the show, with a dominant Jay Cutler taking it. However, second place went to Melvin Anthony, who took it over Flex Weeher. Troy Alves came out of nowehere to place 4th. Aaron Baker's comeback was also quite nice to see. Here are the scorecard results:

1Jay CutlerUSA555520
2Melvin AnthonyUSA1711111251
3Ken 'Flex' WheelerUSA1016141353
4Troy AlvesUSA1918272185
5Darrem CharlesUSA2528202497
6Quincy TaylorUSA33322994
7Ahmad HaidarLebanon32303496
8Aaron BakerUSA424040122
9Johnnie JacksonUSA444845137
10J.D. DawoduEngland514853152
11Tevita Aholeilei575754168
12Eddie AbbewEngland605859177
13Tommi ThorvildsenNorway657268205
14John HodgsonEngland737165209
15Christian LobaredeChile797975233
16Jocelyn PelletierCanada858580250
Wthrw-13Bruce PattersonCanada6567x

2002 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 16, 2002 at Los Angeles, CA
(L.A. Trade Technical College, Grand Theatre)

With Dennis James pulling out of the show because of the flu, Chris Cormier took an easier win than expected. Lee Priest made an awesome comeback from last year, and Ernie Taylor, Ahmed Haider, and Quincy Taylor all looked great. Tommi and Garrett also looked better than ever. The final results were:

1Chris CormierUSA558523
2Lee PriestAustralia131071040
3Ernie TaylorEngland1321211772
4Ahmed HaidarLebanon2118161873
5Quincy TaylorUSA2421242493
6Tommi ThorvildsenNorway38313099
7Garrett DowningUSA353336104
8Jason ArntzUSA414343127
9Victor MartinezUSA425150143
10Jeff LongUSA464952147
11Eddie AbbewEngland565057163
12Jamo NezzarEngland566256174
13Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico666969204
14Istvan Kis-KorvathHungary756567207
15Lawrence MarshallTrinidad717069210
16Jerry RodgersUSA727376221
17Ivory TurnerUSA848584253

2001 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 17, 2001 at Redondo Beach, CA

King Kamali said he would come into his first pro contest strong, and strong he did, scaring even the toughest around, but in the end, Chris Cormier repeated as champion of the first pro show of the year. The final results were:

1Chris CormierUSA556521
2Melvin AnthonyUSA101191040
3Shari 'King' KamaliUSA1520181871
4J.D. DawoduEngland3514171682
5Craig TitusUSA2225252395
6Garrett DowningUSA24313489
7Lee PriestAustralia313933103
8Jason ArntzUSA393946124
9John ShermanUSA474142130
10Rodney St. CloudUSA495449152
11Charles KempUSA586754179
12Marko SavolaininFinland655960184
13Rudy SolimanCanada736967209
14Dennis FrancisEngland727368213
15Christian LoberedeChili807575230
16Gustave BadellPuerto Rico7877155
17Rod KetchensUSA8080160
17Hans HopstakenUSA8080160
17Ken JonesUSA8080160
17Alessandro KomadinaItaly8080160
17Lawrence MarshallTrinidad8080160
17Ali MallaLebanon8080160
17Yohnnie ShambourgerUSA8080160
17Jerry RodgersUSA8080160
WdrwPatrick LynnUSA5356NA

2000 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 19, 2000 at Redondo Beach, CA

It was an incredible contest, the largest ever for a Pro Ironman Show, and a great way to start the new century. In this event, no one knew who would win, and in the best, Chris Cormier repeated as the Ironman Champion, besting the great 'Flex' Wheeler in a hard fought match. The final results were:

1Chris CormierUSA1066527
2Ken 'Flex' WheelerUSA8991036
3Dexter JacksonUSA1215201764
4Gunter SchlierkampGermany2220161876
5Darrem CharlesTrinidad25312625107
*6*Jason ArntzUSA29333698
7Dennis JamesUSA413537113
*8*Craig TitusUSA404440124
*9*Tom PrinceUSA474240138
10Claude GroulxCanada464759152
*11*J.D. DawoduEngland585742157
12Anthony 'Wolf' WilliamsCanada545451159
*13*Dennis NewmanUSA656663194
*14*Johnny MoyaUSA788470232
15Charles KempUSA828275239
16Dave FisherCanada8085165
16Ahmed HaidarLebanon8580165
*18*Gustave BadellPuerto Rico8583168
*19*Ed Van AmsterdamHolland8584169
20Mark LampardAustralia8585170
20Jocelyn PeletierCanada8585170
*20*Jamo NezzarEngland8585170
*20*Craig LickerUSA8585170
20Jostein OedegaardenNorway8585170
20Fauzi HanstCarribean8585170
20Sylvestor SolomonUSA8585170
*20*Christian LoberedeChili8585170
20Milton HollowayUSA8585170
*20*Federico FocheriniItaly8585170
*20*Stan McCraryUSA8585170
20Rod KetchensUSA8585170
20Bob WeatherallCanada8585170
20Ntuk NtukNigeria8585170
*Wthr-14*Patrick LynnUSA6569NA
Number with a *'* around them indicated that
they failed a diurectic test, and were disqualified later.

1999 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 27, 1999 at Redondo Beach, CA

The final results were:

1Chris CormierUSA
2Milos SarcevYugoslavia
3Jay CutlerUSA
4Darrem CharlesTrinidad
5Guther SchlierkampGermany
6Lee PreistAustralia
7Alq' GurleyUSA
8Don LongUSA
9Patrick LynnUSA
10Willie StallingUSA
11Anthony 'Wolf' WilliamsUSA
12Ahmad HaiderLebanon
13Rod KetchensCanada
14Oleg ZhurUkraine
15Renel JanvierUSA
16Jeno KissHungary
17Fredon BoojakleSyria
18Yonnie ShambourgerUSA
19Roland KickingerAustria
20Emeric DelczegRomania
20Fauzi HanstCarribean
20Jason MarcoviciCanada
20Bruce PattersonCanada
20Zvi SoikaIsrael
20Ken JonesUSA
20Kevin O'GradyAustralia
20Sylvestor SolomonUSA
20Milton HollowayUSA

1998 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 21, 1998 at Redondo Beach, CA

The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Aviation Auditorium, on the corner of Aviation Blvd, and Manhattan Beach Blvd, was the site for the 1998 IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational. This was the 9th year for this event, and the 5th year in a row that Ken 'Flex' Wheeler has won this event. The evening show started off with a tribute to Vince Gironda, who died last November three weeks shy of his 80th birthday. Ironman publisher John Bailik and Vince were close friends, and John was planning an 80th birthday bash for him.

In the audience were noted people such as Francis Benfatto, Alq Gurley, Barry Kabov, Paul Dillet, Gunther Schlierkamp, Lee Priest (The Beast), Shawn Ray (first Ironman winner), Mike Christian (Iron Warrior), Tony Pearson (former Mr. Universe), Larry Scott (first Mr. Olympia), Kim Chivesky (reigning Ms. Olympia), Willie Stallig, Stan McCrary (Curly Top), Marvelous Melvin Anthony, Chris Cormier (The Real Deal), and many, many more, and Lynn Conkwright (1880 Ms. Olympia 3rd).

The prejudging started a little after 12:15, and the finals at 8pm. Interesting note is that Greg Kovacs did not show up to the finals, although he was at the prejudging. Lonnie Teper, the emcee, was presented a cake with a naked lady on it (complete) from Shawn Ray for his birthday, which was February 16th. And it was a triumphant return for Dennis Newman, whom this was his first pro show, after winning against the biggest battle of them all, leukemia.

The final results were:

1Ken 'Flex' WheelerUSA
2Darrem CharlesTrinidad
3Aaron BakerUSA
4Patrick LynnUSA
5Renel JanvierUSA
6Dennis NewmanUSA
7Darryl StaffordUSA
8Kevin O' GradyAustralia
9Ron ColemanUSA
10Grant ClemeshaAustralia
11Michio GrubbsUSA
12Roland KickingerAustria
13Jeffrey LongUSA
14Greg KovacsCanada
15Mohamed El MakkawyEgypt
16Ken JonesUSA
17Alessandro KomadinaItaly
4-disAnthony 'Wolf' WilliamsUSA
11-disFauzi HanstCarribean

Anthony Williams and Fauzi Hanst were disqualified later on after failing the diuretics test. Slated to appear but did not were Jeff Poulin (USA), Jocelyn Cadieuz (Canada), and Federico Focherini (Italy)

1997 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 22, 1997 at Redondo Beach, CA

The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Aviation Auditorium, on the corner of Aviation Blvd, and Manhattan Beach Blvd, was the site for the 1997 IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational. This was the 8th year for this event, and by far, the largest collection of athletes to battle it out for the championship. Twenty three athletes, from all over the world, were here in the first IFBB pro show of the year.

Pre-judging started at 12 o clock, but by 11, there were already 300 or so fans outside the doors waiting to get in. Backstage, there was nervousness, and intense concentration by the athletes, as they prepared themselves for the event.

During pre-judging, there were four parts. The first part introduced all of the athletes, half of them lining up first, and second half a couple of minutes later. The second part consisted of the first call outs, in which the judges compared athletes to each other, three at a time.

The third part consisted of each athlete come on stage and go through a routine, consisting of 7 poses. There were, in order, Front Double Bicep, Front Lat Spread, Side Chest, Rear Double Bicep, Rear Lat Spread, Side Tricep, and Abdominals & Thighs.

The fourth part brought out the final call outs of the pre-judging. This is where you could really see the differences between the top stars, and judge on who will win based on symmetry, muscle, and overall appearance. The call-outs were as follows, in order, three athletes being compared at a time.

Lee Priest - Flex Wheeler - Ron Coleman
Lee Priest - Aaron Baker - Ron Coleman
Paul Dillett - Aaron Baker - Flex Wheeler
Paul Dillett - Ron Coleman - Lee Priest
Ian Harrison - Bruce Patterson - Eddie Robinson
Henderson Thorne - Bruce Patterson - Patrick Lynn
Alq Gurley - Porter Cottrell - Patrick Lynn
Alq Gurley - Jeffrey Long - Patrick Lynn
Gunter Schlierkamp - Jeffrey Long - Roland Kickinger

Afterwards, the pre-judging came to an end, and the audience went home or to lunch to await the evening show. Backstage, the athletes were being tested for diuretics, which took over an hour and a half to get all of the athletes done, as paperwork and accuracy had to be done. Fortunately for the competitors, press, and backstage personnel, the only drinks that the Ironman show had was water and American Body Building's Ripped Force, Cutting Force, Carbo Light and Amino Powers. Quality above all!

The evening show started at 8 pm. There was a crowd of over 1,500 people on hand, including such notables like Chris Cormier, Shawn Ray, Mike Christian, Vince Gironda, Michio Grubbs, Craig Titus, Garret Downing, Mike Matarrazzo, and Jeff Poulin. The emcee even went as far as predicting that Chris Cormier will win the IFBB Night of Champions event in New York in May.

The evening presentations went as follows. The first part was introduction of all 23 competitors, second part was the routines of the athletes, complete with music and theatrics, and the final part was the selection of the top 10, narrowing down to the winner.

The final results were:

1Flex WheelerUSA
2Lee PreistAustralia
3Ronnie ColemanUSA
4Aaron BakerUSA
5Paul DillettUSA
6Patrick LynnUSA
7Eddie RobinsonUSA
8Henderson ThorneCanada
9Bruce PattersonCanada
10Ian HarrisonEngland
11Roland KickingerAustria
12Jeffrey LongUSA
13Fauzi HanstCarribean
14Alessandro KomadinaItaly
15J.P. PulkkinenFinland
16Mohamed El MakkawyEgypt
16Joe SpinelloCanada
Dis-6Alq GurleyUSA
Dis-12Gunther SchlierkampGermany
Dis-16Max ShamayaIsrael
Dis-16B.J. JohnsNew Zealand
DisJerry RodgersUSA
DisPorter CottrellUSA

Porter Cottrell was disqualified for failure to appear at award presentation, which he would of placed tenth, while Jerry Rodger was disqualified for failure to take the drug test, According to Porter, he did not hear to judge announced his name and went to the dressing room to change. Four athletes were disqualified for testing positive in the drug test. They were Alq Gurley, B.J. Johns, Gunter Schlierkamp, and Max Shamaya.

It was a hard fought battle, and the only major audience clashing with the judges was that Aaron Baker should of placed third instead of fourth over Ronnie Coleman. The biggest suspense of the night was the final moment between Lee Priest and Flex Wheeler. Would Wheeler win the third Ironman in a row or lose to a 217 pound 5 foot 3 inch, completely muscular Lee Priest? We now know the answer!

This contest was tested for diuretics, clenbuterol and cocaine. Four athletes came out positive. They were Alq Gurley, B.J. Johns, Gunter Schlierkamp, and Max Shamaya.

Special mentions (opinions by Ron Avidan) goes out to these athletes:

  • Nicest Competitor went to Flex Wheeler, for bowing to the audience each time as he finished posing in all rounds.

  • Nicest Backstage Competitor went to Roland Kickinger, for being gracious and kind to everyone, even under pressure.

  • Best Routine went to D.J. Johns from New Zealand, whose routine had the audience captivated and received the biggest applause. Eddie Robinson also gets a mention here for an innovative routine.

  • Best Music went to Porter Cottrell, for his specially made music about his lifestyle as a fireman, including a line mentioning 'Hey Porter, where's the fire'. Music from the movie 'The Rock' gets special mention for it was used more than once.

  • Most interesting posing suit goes to Aaron Baker, for pulling his suit as high as he could, thus so the audience can see his glutes more than they should.

  • Most inspirational went to Mohammed El Makkaway, who has not competed in 12 years, and was celebrating his 22nd wedding anniversary that night.

  • Most Flexible: went to Patrick Lynn, and Flex Wheeler, for doing the splits on stage, evoking oohs and ouches from the audience.

1996 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 24, 1996 at Redondo Beach, CA

1Flex WheelerUSA
2Paul DillettUSA
3Shawn RayUSA
4Lee PreistAustralia
5Darrem CharlesTrinidad
6Patrick LynnUSA
7Roland KickingerAustria
8Michio GrubbsUSA
9Henderson ThorneCanada
10Phil WilliamsUSA
11Claude GroulxCanada
12Jerry RodgersUSA
13Andre CharetteCanada
14Terry MitsosAustralia
15Sergei OtrochUkraine
16David AlleyneBarbados

1995 Ironman Pro Invitational Results
February 25, 1995 at Los Angeles, CA

1Flex WheelerUSA
2Aaron BakerUSA
3Lee PriestAustralia
4Patrick LynnUSA
5Darrem CharlesTrinidad
6Dave FisherCanada
7David DearthUSA
8Paul Jean-GuilliaumeUSA
9Jerry RogersUSA
10Terry MitsosAustralia
11Tom VargaUSA
12David AlleyneBarbados

1994 Ironman Pro Invitational Results

1Vince Taylor
2Chris Cormier
3Aaron Baker
4Lee Priest
5David Dearth
6Sonny Schmidt
7Flavio Baccianini
8Henderson Thorne
9Tom Varga
10Jim Quinn
11Jonnie Morant
12Patrick Lynn
13Bertil Fox
14Tony Pearson

1993 Ironman Pro Invitational Results

1Flex Wheeler
2Lee Lambrada
3Vince Taylor
4Paul Dillett
5J.J. Marsh
6Flavio Baccianini
7Franco Satoriello
8Robby Robinson
9Michael Ashley
10Ray McNeil
11Ron Love
12Thierry Pastel
13Samir Bannout

1992 Ironman Pro Invitational Results

1Vince Taylor
2Robby Robinson
3Alq Gurley
4Thierry Pastel
5Mike Matarazzo
6Milos Sarcev
7Steve Brisbois
8Ron Love
9Michael Ashley
10Frank Hillebrand
11Shane DiMora
12Paul Jean-Guillaume
13John Terilli
14Tim Belknap

1991 Ironman Pro Invitational Results

1J.J Marsh
2Renel Janvier
3Andreas Munzer
4Thierry Pastel
5Vince Taylor
6Steve Brisbois
7Francis Benfatto
8Franco Santoriello
9Mohammed Benaziza
10Bob Paris
11Selwyn Cottrell
12John Brown
13Ricardo Gya
14Kevin McGaunn
15Van Walcott Smith
16Michael Devitis
17Katsumi Ishimura

1990 Ironman Pro Invitational Results

1Shawn Ray
2Michael Ashley
3Vince Comerford
4Gary Strydom
5J.J. Marsh
6Nimrod King
7Steve Brisbois
8Tony Pearson
9Pavel Jablonicky
10Harry Dinger