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Ms. Fitness Magazine is billed as the magazine for today's active women, for a fitness lifestyle. This magazine provides information and coverage on the Ms. Fitness contests, nutrition, working out, and other info of the fitness women. The magazine is published four times a year.

Subscription is $12 for 1 year. To order, call (909) 371-0606, or mail to P.O. Box 2490, White City, Oregon 97503-0490

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Information on Ms. Fitness Magazine
Updated: Fall 2001

PublisherWally Boyko
Publisher Meshelle Boyko
Associate PublisherWally Boyko, Jr.
Editor Greta Blackburn
Art DirectorFiore & Freibergs
Associate EditorJulie Hernishin
Special Projects EditorMiriam Raviv, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Editor Susan Marie Woods
Production Assistants Carrie Boyko-Ross
Elisabeth Donati
Newsstand ConsultantJohn Cappello
East Coast AdvertisingAntonette Forte
Contributing WritersLinda Cusmano
Sheila Cliff
Marc Evans
Darby Hart
Scott D. Jones
Peggy Krock
Tony Little
Christopher Riles
Sue Romero
Suzanne Rostler
Dr. Fred A. Stutman
G.T. Watters
Sandra Wickham
Contributing PhotographersMichael Hackenbruch
Gillian Lefkowitz
David Mercey
National Sales Office Wally Boyko Productions, Inc.
(541) 830-0400

Ambulatory Care Advisor William Kingman, RN, MSN
Addictive Medicine Specialist Dr. Angela Browne-Miller, Ph.D.
Clinical PsychologyThomas J. Nardi, Ph.D.
Dermatology Dr. Erma Benitez
Exercise and TrainingMike Merk
NutritionJean Rosenbaum M.D.
Peggy Krock, B.S.
Steven Cherniske M.S.
Obstetrics, Gynnecology Connie Chein M.D.
Orthopedics Gary E. Brazina M.D.
Plastic SurgeryRaj Kanodia M.D
Steve Zax M.D.
Sports MedicineDr. Paul D. Burns
Sports & Special Events LiasonBob Seagren

Ms. Fitness is published quarterly (four times a year) for $15.96 per year by Wally Boyko Productions, Inc (WBP), a California corporation, P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503. The web site is located at