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Fall 2002

Ms. Fitness Magazine is a magazine for today's active women, with a fitness lifestyle. It provides information and coverage on the Ms. Fitness contests around the globe. It also provides info on nutrition, training, profiles on people, and other articles and pictures on up and coming fitness contestants. This magazine is the official magazine of Wally Boyko's Ms. Fitness contests. On the cover is Dianne Laffitte.

Fall 2002 - Table of Contents


  • Dianne LaFrite
    A model of inner and outer heath. Dianne has appeared on more than 25 posters, dozens of magazine covers and has even been included in 10 calendars.

  • Sweet and Low Workout
    The new look is inescapable - low cut everything. Toned abs, tight glutes and longer, leaner legs are a must. Here are four exercises guaranteed to get you into those low rise jeans.

  • The Evangelist of Aloe
    One woman's quest to find the next new thing in nutritional and workout support leads her to the oldest neutral supplement.

  • The Skinny
    If you ask me, the people with the best bodies are dancers.

  • Quick Tips
    Deadlifts. When done correctly, these can be great glute shapers and leg firmers. Done improperly, they can do more harm than good.

  • Eating Smart for your Heart
    Coronary heart disease still ranks as the #1 killer among Americans. It's time that we stop and take a look at how we can prevent this deadly disease.

  • Your Successful Photo Shoot
    Have you seen fitness models in the magazines and thought 'I could do that'? Do you think you have what it takes to break into the industry?

  • Tone Up With Resistance Training
    Yoga is hot - literally! Yoga has caught on like wild fire, and has become a part of mainstream fitness.

  • Health Mind - Body - Life!
    What you feed your body and what you feed your mind ultimately affects your journey through life.

  • The One Day Kick Start Diet
    The purpose of the 7-Day Custom Diet Plan by Jonny Bowden is to give you an easy to follow plan that will allow you to lose as much fat as your body can safely drop in a one week period.

  • Get The Competition Edge
    I am going to unveil you the secret weapon to fitness competition success that has taken me over 10 years to realize. By Tatiana Anderson.

  • Breast Implants
    Are They For You

  • Modeling 101: Applied
    Because of the success of the Modeling 101 article, we though you would like to read a type of expanded letter to Ms. Fitness - feedback from someone who is still new to, yet has applied, and seen success in, the industry.

  • Everyday Tai Chi
    Try these moves and enjoy the wonderful world of Tai Chi.


  • Ask Tony Little
    Trying to be picture perfect? You may be suffering from perfection-itus. Ready to turn your daughter loose in the gym - go for it. Eating disorders and body parts that won't budge. American's Personal Trainer Tony Little is ready to help solve your dilemmas.

  • Competitors Chat with Forrest Avery
    We take a more approachable look at women's fitness and sport competitions. We look at someone new to women's fitness and to the competition scene. A type of in process approach. Aaryn Alonzo is just beginning a serious level of sports involvement.

  • Ms. Fitness Beauty Beat
    Bony Hands and Lumpy Upper Arms Cosmetic Surgery's Next Frontier.

  • Christopher's Corner
    Triple-A Fitness and Aerobics Competition camp a huge success.

  • Denny's Total Fitness
    Be part of the worldwide leader in natural fitness sports.

  • Trainer's Corner
    Are all carbs created equal?

  • Success Stories
    Heather Robinson, Diana Mann, Marilyn Harrison.

  • Fit Stops
    Wild about Waikiki. What we love about it and how we'd spend one perfect day in paradise.

  • Ms. Fitness Granny
    Salsa Catfish, Lemon Lime Catfish

  • Heartbeat
    Sauteed Scallops with Creamy Corn sauce, sweet corn and vegetable chowder.


  • Letter from the Editor
    Challenges. Doesn't it seem that life throws us more and more challenges? By Greta Blackburn.

  • Did You Know?
    Everyday arthritis. pain cures

  • Ms. Fitness Contest Calendar
    Qualifiers for the 2002 competitive season.

  • What's New?
    New Cross Trainers; Shimano;s SH-FR65; Gidget goes Gonzo, and more.

  • What's New? Books?
    Home Bodybuilding by Robert Wolff; Sports Nutrition for Women by Anita Bean and Peggy Wellington; Female Fitness on Foot by Bob O'Conner and friends; Recipes for Dairy Free Living by Denise Jardine.