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Vitamin Retailer is dedicated to providing information for and about the dietary supplement industry in order to foster industry growth and help preserve the rights of dietary suppliers and retailers. They consider the magazine 'The Dietary Supplement Industry's Leading Magazine'.

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Information on Vitamin Retailer
Updated July 2000

Vitamin Retailer is published monthly by Vitamin Retailer Magazine, at A-2 Brier Hill Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Phone number is (732) 432-9600. Subscription is free to qualified industry retailers and other industry members as determined by the publisher. Non qualified subscription is $45.00 or one year, and $60.00 for two years. Canada and Mexico Subscriptions are $70.00 per year. Airmail subscriptions are $175.00 per year. Single copy price is $8.00. Annual Retailers Survey Issue is $25.00. Annual Buyer's Guide is $45.00.

Publisher & Editor-in-ChiefDaniel McSweeney
Associate PublisherCarol McSweeney
Advertising DirectorRuss Fields
Managing EditorLisa Schofield
Features WritersChris O'Brien
Lisa Turner
Laura Chisholm
Nutrition ColumnistsVictoria Dolby Toews
Liz Brown
Herb ColumnistDr. Terry Willard
Circulation ManagerNorine Bruskin
Art DirectorDawn Scott
PrintingPublishers Press
100 Frank Simon Ave
Shepherdsville, KY 40164
Vitamin Retailer MagazineA-2 Brier Hill Court
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Tel: (732) 432-9600
Fax: (732) 432-9288
PresidentDaniel McSweeney
Vice PresidentCarol McSweeney

Misc. Notes on Vitamin Retailer

The magazine is printed with soy based inks.