Irony Magazine: For Women That Lift

  • IRONY Magazine, since October 2000 has provided some of the most unique and top stories and photos of women who lift. Covering many of the major and state wide womens bodybuilding, strength, and fitness events. IRONY has also provided international news and coverage of the sport, as well as the people who make international lifting so popular.

    Issues include

    October 2000 #1
    January 2001 #2
    April 2001 #3
    July 2001 #4
    October 2001 #5
    January 2002 #6
    April 2002 #7
    July 2002 #8
    October 2002 #9
    January 2003 #10

    Notes: Founder, Chief Amazon and editor Cindy Leister worked hard to bring this hardcore female bodybuilding magazine a reality. Assistant to the editor Karen Huebel and Charla LaRosa also helped out, as did a wide variety of people who contributed, including MIchelle Tuggle, Kathy Conners, Mary Stack, Julia Santana, Lisa Siegel, Rosemary vernon, and more.

    Irony Magazine was published 4 times a year, and their address was 388 Greencamp Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43235.