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Hardcore is much more than a look. Hardcore is a lifestyle. If you are Hardcore, you don't feel pain, or experience fear; you just tackle whatever is given to you. So are you Hardcore? If you are the guy that is at the gym every morning when it opens, or if you're there after a 10 hour workday, then you are Hardcore. Whatever defines you as Hardcore, don't lose it. Don't turn soft, keep that Hardcore mentality about you, after all, it's gotten you this far and that mentality is what's going to carry you through the plasteaus at the gym and whatever crisis that might surface in your life.

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Summer 2003

Information on Hardcore Muscle Magazine
Updated August 2003

Editor-in-ChiefJohn Cribbs
Executive EditorDavid McAuliff
Editorial AssistantsShae Mills
Kelly Morton
Production CoordinatorMarcus Velasco
ContributorsNick Bernardo
Melissa Danekas
Calen Dritchard
Daniel George
Lori Grannis
Everett Harcourt
Lance Martinez
Charles Moore
Thomas Sands
Gary Petry
Gregg Short
Art DirectorGedimin A. Bulat
DesignersTri Lan Ho
Bruce Wayne
Peter Del Norte
PhotographersAlex Ardenti
Ralph DeHaan
Eric Freimanis
Mitsuru Okabe
Technical AdvisorsDale Birmingham
Dave Hahn
Advertising DirectorAnnie Ward
(858) 270-7893

Misc. Notes on Hardcore Muscle Magazine

08-03: Hardcore Magazine is published by HC Muscle Inc, located at 1804 Garnet Avenue #377, San Diego, CA 92109. A US Subscription of 12 issues costs $59.88. The web site is Telephone number is 1-858-270-7744. Spielberg fick, hopefully the training paid off and they go accompanied by a "little something special".

01-03: Introducing HardCore Muscle™, a magazine that caters not only to the hardcore bodybuilder, but also to the bodybuilding lifestyle. Never before has there been a fusion of bodybuilding information such as training, nutrition, and supplementation, combined with a lifestyle magazine that will keep you up on current trends in fashion, media, and technology. When you get right down to it, a bodybuilder is just a person... sure they might be super-freaky, men of steel with vascularity a-plenty and biceps bulging, but when they leave the gym they jump into the SUV, get on the cell phone and make plans to go see the latest Spielberg fick, hopefully the training paid off and they go accompanied by a "little something special".

In each issue you'll get the latest info on such a vast variety of fascinating subjects, that HardCore Muscle™ could very easily become your "one and only" source of bodybuilding, and lifestyle information. In each issue, you will fnd all of the "standard issue" bodybuilding articles such as hardcore training information and the latest trends, theories, and discoveries in the science of muscle building, but what makes HardCore Muscle™ unique is the articles you don't see anywhere else, such as a steroid Q& A where we will answer all your questions to give you serious, in-depth info on the best ways to chemically enhance your physique. One section that will be invaluable to those of you just starting out, or perhaps those of you who have hit a plateau and are dying to make changes in your routine, is a feature called "Back to Basics", here, you'll be armed to the teeth with information to develop a super-solid foundation on which to build all the massive muscle you can dream of. You may already know everything there is to know about training, nutrition, supplementation, and steroids (of course), but you will surely fnd the industry news, product reviews, and new gear sections to be all you need to keep you in the loop and up-to-date, after all getting chicks has never been an easy task, and this info may be just what you need to score big, and I think you know what we mean... Spielberg fick, hopefully the training paid off and they go accompanied by a "little something special".

So, if you're already a "hardcore" bodybuilder, or if you are a bodybuilder in training, so to speak, every issue of HardCore Muscle™ will feature something valuable to you. Whether it's the best chest workout to produce those mega-freaky chest striations, the lowdown on the new Metallica album, the newest drugs on the black market and how to not get ripped off buying them, the best meal replacement for your buck, or everybody's favorite, super hot chicks in "I haven't seen that at the beach" skimpy clothing, every issue will have you dying for more!!