Hardcore Muscle Magazine

Summer 2003

Are you Hardcore? If you are the guy that is at the gym every morning when it opens, or if you're there after a 10 hour workday, then you are at Hardcore. Whetever defines you as being Harcore, don't lose it!

Summer 2003 - Table of Contents


  • Letters from the Editor
    Welcome to the world of Hardcore Muscle. An invitation from our Executive Editor to the best bodybuilding and lifestyle magazine around. Oh wait, that's right, we're the only bodybuilding and lifestyle magazine around.

  • Rant & Rave
    Question #1, is Hardcore Muscle mean spirited? Question #2, are we righteous? Find out in our letters from readers.

  • What Were They Thinking
    Atrocities ... generously published for your amusement.

  • Motley & Crude
    We've ran the gamut on randomness in this issue, from a table made of guns to a guy peeing on himself. Life is good when anything goes.

  • Stuff You Gotta Have
    Because life shouldn't be devoid of distractions, you know... like knives, motorcycles, and entertainment systems.

  • The High Five
    Trouble with the old colon? Sweat no more, answers lie between.

  • Ask A Mega Hottie, Linda O'Neil
    Once in a great while, the heavens part to bring us a truly beautiful woman, and every so often the average guy gets to meet her. Tragically, most men would find themselves unable to speak in this situation. But fortunately, we met up with mega hottie Linda O'Neil and asked some questions for you. Next time it's on you.

  • Back 2 Basics
    Join the Core... Hardcore that is. Pick up the essentials of building a massive body, before you jump to the pro routines. Because you gotta know the rules before you can break them.

  • Finding That Special MRP
    It's just around the corner. Have you tried searching for the right one, but always come up empty handed? Meal Replacements come in two forms, disgusting or good. Find which MRPs will treat you right, before you buy.

  • Get Ripped with Ease
    The time is coming... you just turned 28 and your 10 year high school reunion is just around the cor ner. You're going to Cabo in 2 months! Or maybe you just wanted to Get Ripped for summer? Who cares what the reason is! We're all in the same boat and we need to Get Ripped Fast.

  • It Came From Out Back
    Guy Grundy talks about life, body building and the ever enigmatic mullet.

  • T&A (Talent and Aptitude)
    Beautiful, and beautiful. What more would a guy want?

  • Creating Muscle with Creatine
    Possibly one of the most widely known supplements for building muscle mass, but Creatine isn't necessarily for mass. Find out the true reasons Creatine is an excellent addition to your diet and routine.

  • 15 Minutes
    Are you up to grade? Submit your pics and find out.

  • Roid Rage
    The low down on: Winny-V, after workout dosing with insulin, site-injecting until it hurts, and other issues.

  • Big Guns
    Time to break out the guns? An amazing effective routine to make them huge.

  • Chemical of the Month
    The skinny on Deca.