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Fitness Mania Magazine is a new concept for today's competitor, mixing a magazine that is half in English and half in Spanish, on every page. The goal at Fitness Mania Magazine is to give you the best information on health, training and entertainment.

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September 2000 March 2002

Information on Fitness Mania Magazine
Updated March 2002

Fitness Mania Info
PublisherFitness & Nutrition Int
Editor in ChiefF.J. Gomez
EditorManuel Bejar
Assistant EditorMario Gonzalez
Associate EditorRick Shaff
Creative DirectorsFabiola Haros
F.J. Gomez
Contributing Writers Manuel Bejar
Monica Brant
Christine Bybee
Karis Fouler
Stephen L. Goldman, D.C.
F.J. Gomez
Mario Gonzalez
Chariese Griffin
Michael LeBrett
Hollis Liebman
Angela Metropulos
April Moore
Mike Powers
David Propkov
Manny Radford
Rick Schaff
Jim Shiebler
Edward M. Yagoobian PhD
Digital Art DesignGraphicmania
Art DirectorFabiola Haros F.
PhotographyRick Schaff
Franco Gomez
TranslationMario Gonzales
Production AssistantMario Gonzales
Magazine AssistantMark Logan
Advertising USADavid Griffin
(310) 670-3211
Advertising EuropeBadajoz Merida
(34) 924-31-6906
Advertising MexicoCol. Marron
(52) 664-684-7961
DistributionRCS Inc Los Angeles

Misc. Notes on Fitness Mania Magazine

Fitness Mania is a bilingual edition magazine, in two languages, English and Spanish. It's slogans include 'The World's Best Fitness & Bodybuilding Reports', and 'Your Workout Reference'.