Fitness Mania Magazine
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September 2000

Fitness Mania Magazine is a new concept for today's competitor, mixing a magazine that is half in English and half in Spanish, on every page. The goal at Fitness Mania Magazine is to give you the best information on health, training and entertainment.

September 2000 - Table of Contents

Point of View

  • Editor On Line
    We keep on growing

  • Reader's View & Fitness News
    Party Time

  • Fitness Look
    Dreams that may come true

  • Fitness Guide
    Why do we gain weight?

  • Supplements
    The truth about vitamins

  • Training Technics
    Specific chest training

  • Kinesiology Exercise
    Caring for the athlete

  • Aerobics

  • The Fitness Connection
    XIV Latin American Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships

  • World Championship Fitness
    Maia-Portugal 1999
Fitness Mania / Power Sports

  • Beauty Care

  • Basketball
    The concept, history and expansion

  • Martial Arts
Snack / Bodybuilding

  • The XXX Files
    Sweet Dreams

  • Bodybuilding USA
    Ironman 2000

  • Pro Bodybuilding
    Aaron Baker

  • International Bodybuilding
    World Championships, Junior, Master Bodybuilding, Maia-Portugal 1999

  • Spain's Championship
    of Bodybuilding 1999