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Energy, for Women, published by EAS, the same people who publish Muscle Media, calls for inspiration, motivation, and transformation. Here, you will see real women with full lives, who happen to be in great shape. Our goal is to feature women who will inspire you, not intimidate you.

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Information on Energy for Women Magazine
Updated: April 2002

PublisherJim Heidenreich
Editor-in-ChiefGretchen Ferraro
Executive EditorDavid Kennedy
Editorial AssistantCameran Erny
Creative DirectorBrian Harvat
Production DIrectorChris Monck
Art DirectorSilke Reuthlinger
Contributing WritersCynthia BeMent
Karin Beurlein
Susan Bierma
Pam Brown
Christine Carey
Lisa Chadderdon
Laurie Donnelly
nancy Duncan
Joanne Eglash
Victoria Freeman
Brett Hall
Wendy Paris
Carrie Myers Smith
PhotographyRon Amato
Ian Brooks
Jason Ellis
Steve Foxall
David Haskell
Dennis Lane
Linda Mooney
Dan Sidor
Scientific Advisory Board
DirectorChris Riggs
ChairmanMatt Vukovich
BoardKathryn Boor
Sheila Collins
Martin Gibala
Robert Hickner
Dallas Hoover
Lee Huffman
Kerry Kuehl
Guy Miller
Gina Nick
Mark Tarnopolsky
Newsstand ConsultantMike Gerardo
DistributorCOMAG Distribution Group
EAS for Energy for Women
President / CEODavid Lumley
Executive VP / COOMonty Sharma
VP / Market PlanningJim Heidenreich
Finance ManagerSteve Jones
Senior AccountantLarry Cassai
Assistant to the PublisherCris Cason
Advertising DirectorSteve Jones
Northeast AdvertisingJo Harbey
Southeast / West AdvertisingVicki Lindsey