1997 World Games V Bodybuilding (Women's)
August 8, 1997 in Lahti, Finland

Since the first World Games in 1981, this event comes around only every four years. This time, the president of the International Olympic Commottee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, attended the event, along with IFBB President Ben Weider.

Heavyweights1Michaela BaumerGermany
(over 125 pounds)2Paulina KosolaFinland
3Anne OksanenFinland
Middleweights1Barbara FurrerSwitzerland
(under 125 pounds)2Rita RinnerLiechtenstein
Lightweights1Utako MizumaJapan
(under 114 pounds)2Katja RydstromFinland
3Heike JungGermany
4Betty CanellaItaly

1981 World Games I Standings
Friday, July 31, 1981 at Santa Clara, California

It was held at Santa Clara University, the official World Games headquarters. The World Game hosted international contests in 19 sports, including bodybuilding. Since each country was only allowed 6 contestants, and the United States had 18, 6 were chosen to be on the 'A' team, and 12 on the 'B' team. The 'B' team was not allowed to win individual places nor help contribute to the team. They were chosen by a pre-prejudging of the USA Women only.

Lightweight1Pam BrooksUSA
2Josee BaumgartnerFrance
3Chris ReedUSA
4Debbie TrenholdUSA
5Jackie RoosHolland
6Kathy BasackerUSA
Middleweight1Kike ElomaaFinland
2Gail SchroeterUSA
3Deborah DianaUSA
4Carla DunlapUSA
5Vera CoolsBelguim
6Carol BennetAustralia
6Kay Bexter-WickUSA

Other lightweight contestants included: Dagmar Zuso (Switzerland), Claudine Turin (Switzerland), Shelley Gruwel (USA), Milda Graham (Canada), Wendy Daniel (Canada), Michele Tennier (Canada), Kathy Tuite (USA), Carla York (USA), Terry Miladinovich (USA), Chris Roberts (USA), Kathy Cosentino (USA), Stella Martinez (USA), Sue Tonks (England), and Terry Buhne (Australia),

Other middleweight contestants included: Carole Bennet, Linda McCreary, JoAnne Cameron, Marlene Fuhrer (Switzerland), Monika Chevalley (Switzerland), Lynne Bergmame (Canada), Lei Kawaii (USA), and Gail Schroater.

The AFWB (American Federation of Women Bodybuilders) President is Doris Barrilleaux.