1998 Musclemania
November 21 at Redondo Beach, California

The 1998 contest proved that natural bodybuilding is finally starting to usurp the glory and success previously enjoyed by non-tested national events. With over 200 competitors, it was by far the largest natural event in the history of the sport. And, it was a true World Championship. With the top American and Canadian naturals facing off against full teams from Hong Kong, Japan, England, Hungary, among others. A sold-out house of 1,500 fans clamored for more as each division seemingly produced better physiques, showing that the standards of natural bodybuilding have fast become trend setting.

OverallJanine Suchanek
Heavyweight1Suzette Healea
Lightweight1Janine Suchanek

1997 Musclemania
November 20 at Redondo Beach, California

The sport of natural bodybuilding took a huge step forward on November 22 as the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships hosted its annual natural extravaganza. This year broke all records as nearly 150 men and women representing U.S. natural federations such as the ANBC, AAU, NPC, WNBF, NGA, ABA, ABCC, ANPPC, UNBA, NABBA, and more stepped onstage alongside bodybuilders from England, Canada, Australia, Guam and Indonesia. It was the first time such a diverse and incredible pool of talent had ever been assembled at one contest before, and all agreed that this was indeed the most impressive natural bodybuilding contest ever.

OverallHeather Tristany
Heavyweight1Suzette Healea
2Theresa Summers
3Sharon Pike
4Suzanna McGee
5Semiramis Anspach
Lightweight1Heather Tristany
2Cathy Firkins
3Susan Murray
4Sharon Olson
5Kristin Sallo

1996 Musclemania
November 19 at Redondo Beach, California

The Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships, promoted by ESPN, America's Total Sports Network, has been the leading natural event for over four years. With the national television buildup, the recent edition of Musclemania was predestined to be spectacular. Eighty-eight men and women came from the United States, Canada, and beyond to contest the most prestigious title in natural bodybuilding.

Overall1Blanquita Bryant
2Suzette Healea