2000 Musclemania
November 21 at Redondo Beach, California

Pro Division1Ade Rai
2Stan McQuay
3Kenneth Eta
4Bill Davey
5Ian Walling
6Delino Dixon
7Jody Ramos
8Ken Yasuda
9Eric Peterman
10Mike D'Angelo
Heavyweight1Fadi Malouf
2Julian Capraru
3Glen Uberlhor
4Jerry Abadom
5Peter Porczi
6John Smith
Light Heavyweight1Markus Reinhardt
2Hong Wong
3Eric Perkins
4Rafael Acosta
5Ronald Jones
6Darrell Hobson
Middleweight1Philip Ricardo Jr.
2Faruq Darcuiel
3Joe Ament
4Matsouka Akira
5Lorenzo Jones
6Brian Wiefering
Welterweight1Ricky Jackson
2Ben Chan
3Ricky Sayamauri
4Adi Ra
5Daryl Duffy
6Richard Conner
Lightweight1Custis Fisher
2Ronald Miranda
3Tommy Alston
4Vince Le
5Keith Jeffrey
6Preston Cannon
Bantamweight1Jaime Mojica
2Ray Montoya
Master's1Thomas Ricci
2Felix Campiz
3Bill Gooding
4John Fuller
5Terry Keys
6Paul Devine
Teenage 17 & 181Ronan Doherty
2Greg Alvemaz
3Paul Lundkvist
4Frank Mezzott
5Noah Kierowski
Teenage 191Marcus Holman
2Faraz Kureshi
3Doby Zamora
4Chris Gilbertson
5Nick Metzier
6Justin Barbera
Junior 22 & under1Travis Wojcik
2Zak Mercer
3Robert Johnson
4Anthony Diluzio
5Greg Tribulato
6Zoltan Veress
Novice1Drew Logan
2Marcos Tixera
3Alex Denk
4Todd Getz
5Lawrence Brown
6Glenn Citerony

1999 Musclemania
November 20 at Redondo Beach, California

The last Musclemania of the 20th century!

Pro Division1Tito Raymond
2Keith Bullock
3Ada Rai
4Delino Dixon
5Ian Walling
6Ron Emery
7Richard Jackson
8Michael D'Angelo
9Brian Glynn
Heavyweight1Bryan Harchuck
2Franklin Roberson
3Fadi Malouf
4Edmund Mackey
5Nini Soremi
6Brian K. Smith
Light Heavyweight1Jose Marmol Jr.
2Gary Zamora
3Mark Saunders
4Andre Lloyd
5Eric Perkins
6Stephen Haywood
Middleweight1Thomas Hauck
2Joseph Ament
3Eric Peterman
4Rene Endara
5Brian Glaspy
6Francisco Atliano
Welterweight1Stan McQuay
2Yana Komara
3Peter J. Ciccone
4Allen Sarkizadeh
5Joel Morin
6Edward Mazzuchelli
Lightweight1Jose Raymond
2Moji Oluwa
3Miklos Tenta
4William K. Hajjar
5Roger Flair
6Mike Berenger
Bantmanweight1Leonardo Pachelo
2Jorge Pavon
3Carlos Infante
4Richard Smith
5Andrew Tavlarides
6John Beneville

1998 Musclemania
November 21 at Redondo Beach, California

The 1998 contest proved that natural bodybuilding is finally starting to usurp the glory and success previously enjoyed by non-tested national events. With over 200 competitors, it was by far the largest natural event in the history of the sport. And, it was a true World Championship. With the top American and Canadian naturals facing off against full teams from Hong Kong, Japan, England, Hungary, among others. A sold-out house of 1,500 fans clamored for more as each division seemingly produced better physiques, showing that the standards of natural bodybuilding have fast become trend setting.

OverallBrian Glynn
Heavyweight1Delino Dixon
2Keith Bullock
3Les Jennings
4Doyle Washington
Light Heavyweight1Kevin Christie
2Mark Saunders
3Ian Walling
Middleweight1Brian Glynn
2Tito Raymond
3Rene Endara
Welterweight1B.J. Quinn
2Stan McQuay
Lightweight1Hisashi Kamisawa
2Eryk Bui
3Mike D'Angelo
5Jose Raymond
Bantmanweight1Ken Rios
Overall NoviceGary Zamora
Novice Heavyweight1Gary Zamora
Novice Lightweight1Thomas Mann
Masters1Loel Tubbs
Teenage1Anthony DiLuzio

1997 Musclemania
November 20 at Redondo Beach, California

The sport of natural bodybuilding took a huge step forward on November 22 as the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships hosted its annual natural extravaganza. This year broke all records as nearly 150 men and women representing U.S. natural federations such as the ANBC, AAU, NPC, WNBF, NGA, ABA, ABCC, ANPPC, UNBA, NABBA, and more stepped onstage alongside bodybuilders from England, Canada, Australia, Guam and Indonesia. It was the first time such a diverse and incredible pool of talent had ever been assembled at one contest before, and all agreed that this was indeed the most impressive natural bodybuilding contest ever.

OverallKelly Gantt
Heavyweight1Rodney Davis
2Delino Dixon
3John Smith
4Michael Cribben
5Robert David
Light Heavyweight1Kelly Gantt
2Felix Mpodo
3Eric Peterman
4Christopher Webster
5Jody Ramos
Middleweight1Tito Raymond
2Clark Bartram
3Vernard Grice
4Todd Leslie
5Brian Glynn
Lightweight1Antjuane Sims
2Lester Coaker
3Mike D'Angelo
4Ken Rios
5Michael Monis
Overall NoviceMohamad Hussein Elmoussaoui
Novice Heavyweight1Brian Minker
2Joe Marmol
3Richard Nowazelski
4Robert Flores
5Rob Standley
Novice Lightweight1Mohamad Hussein Elmoussaoui
2Christian Trombetta
3Pierre Fany
4Cesar Moscoso
5Robert Yang
Masters1James 'Bobo' Eason, Jr.
2Curtis Cranfield
3Jerry Bruton
4Otis Archie
5Waldo Sanchez
Teenage1Julian Capraru
2Gerrad Young
3Peter San Nicolas
4Gregg Tribulato
5Josh O-Neil

1996 Musclemania
November 19 at Redondo Beach, California

The Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships, promoted by ESPN, America's Total Sports Network, has been the leading natural event for over four years. With the national television buildup, the recent edition of Musclemania was predestined to be spectacular. Eighty-eight men and women came from the United States, Canada, and beyond to contest the most prestigious title in natural bodybuilding.

OverallAde Rai
Heavyweight1Bill Davey
2Martin Boonzayer
3Delino Dixon
Light Heavyweight1Ade Rai
2Eric "Hawk" Peterman
Middleweight1Les Gaines
2Clark Bertram
3Mike DeAngelo
4Eric Hoult
5Steve Kidwell
Lightweight1Owen McCurty, Jr.