2012 IFBB Masters Olympia Bodybuilding Results
December 8, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida

1Dexter Jackson Jacksonville, Florida5510
2Toney Freeman Canton, Georgia111021
3Dennis JamesPeoria, Arizona141529
4Edward Nunn Anderson, Indiana202040
5Ronny RockelGermany252752
6Michael KefalianosAustralia313061
7Darrem CharlesTrinidad393574
8Bill WilmoreHollywood, Florida354378
9Troy AlvesGlendale, Arizona454792
10Drew JammottNew Jersey554398
11Tricky JacksonLouisville, Kentucky6057117
12Lee BanksJacksonville, Florida7250122
13Nathan WonsleyTampa, Florida6767134
14Jerome FergusonVenice, California6867135
15Sean AllanMatawan, New Jersey7070140
16Constantinos DemetriouAustralia7480154
16Mark AntonekWesley Chapel, Florida8080160
16Lee AppersonDaytona Beach, Florida8080160
16Rob BelisleAlberta, Canada8080160
16Alberto BistocchiMilano, Italy8080160
16Andreas CahlingOceanside, California8080160
16Gianluca CatapanoBenevento, Italy8080160
16James HamptonAcworth, Georgia8080160
16Ralf HergetHanau, Germany8080160
16Timo HonkalaFinland8080160
16Jocelyn JeanBoca Rotan, Florida8080160
16Marc LavoieQuebec, Canada8080160
16Rod KetchensSioux City, Iowa8080160
16David MarinelliPalm City, Florida8080160
16Chuck SanowChicago, Illinois8080160
16Bill ScarnatyWoodridge, New Jersey8080160
16Sergey ShelestovMoscow, Russia8080160
16Bud WoodruffStuart, Florida8080160
16Ken PassarielloOrange, Connecticut8080160

2003 Masters Olympia Results
August 15-16, 2003 at Charlotte, North Carolina

1Claude Groulx
2Johnny Stewart
3Darryl Stafford
4David Hawk
5George Turman
6Juan Marquez
7Alberto Bistocchi
8Roy Menig
9Joe Palumbo
10Flavio Baccianini
11Dayo Audi
12Greg Dwyer
13Lawrence Marshall
14Nicolae Giurgi
15Lee Apperson
16Behnam Samimy
17Leon Brown
Best Poser
-Flavio Baccianini

2002 Masters Olympia Results
August 16-17, 2002 at Lynchburg, Virginia

1Don YoungbloodUSA
2Vince TaylorUSA
3Geir Borgan PaulsenNorway
4David HawkUSA
5Chris DuffyUSA
6John HnatyschakUSA
7Flavio BaccianiniItaly
8Pascal T'HooptFrance
9Joe PalumboUSA
10Anders GraneheimSweden
11John SimmonsUSA
12Guido ConradGermany
13Charles KempUSA
14Lee AppersonUSA
15Vlastimil Krivanek
16Nicolae GiurgiRomania
17Emeric DelczegRomania
18Jim PedoneAustralia
19Sean BullmanIreland
20Steve DavisUSA
20Stan FrydrychUSA
22Aivars VisockisLatvia
23Juan Barreto-Leoesma
24Honore CizonteSpain
25Behnam SamimyCanada
26Leon BrownUSA

2001 Masters Olympia Results
August 4, 2001 at Lynchburg, Virginia

1Vince TaylorUSA10115531
2Don YoungbloodUSA76101033
3John HnatyshakUSA1213171658
4Robby RobinsonUSA2020181977
5Hans HopstakenUSA27332525110
6Stan FrydrychUSA333240105
6Giuseppe MammolitiBelguim373533105
8Lee AppersonUSA553438127
9Nicolae GiurgiRomania474347137
10Emeric DelczegRomania445249145
10Aivars VisockisLatvia524449145
12Renato SomengiSweden505856164
13Honore CiranteSpain606467191
14Luciano AndreoseItaly676767201
15Katsumi IshimuraJapan757573222
16Nicholas SinclairEngland808080240

2001 IFBB Master's Olympia Report
Opinions by Hans Hopstaken

  • The 2001 IFBB Master's Olympia was an exciting contest, won by Vince Taylor, but Vince was almost upstaged by Don Youngblood. Here is a report by one of the competitors, Hans Hopstaken.

    The big question is, Was Don Youngblood better in the first two rounds, as the score indicated?" Obviously, I can only give you my opinion. An opinion that did not have the direct view [ frontal] that the judges did. An opinion however that is based on thirty years of bodybuilding, twenty seven or so in competition... over eighty amateur comps, and four pro shows under my belt. I also judged as an I F B B judge at regional, state, and national level in Australia for ten years.[ there is no, N P C over there, the I F B B does both pro and amateur]. I pride myself on being objective, and strive for a perspective of the truth that is based on the rules of logic, not emotion.

             A long winded way to tell you that i believe i'm well qualified to offer such an opinion based on what i could see. In the past competitive years, the perception of what each round is supposed to mean has evolved. The original reason each round had a different criteria, was to eventually, over three or four rounds "ALL" factors of the physique could be balanced out, to achieve what at the time is considered the closest to the ideal. In my opinion no round is more misinterpreted than the first " symmetry" round". In the dictionary, symmetry is the imaginary drawing of a line down the middle of a shape to see if both sides are of equal size and shape. In bodybuilding, symmetry has added to that definition what we call balance, how harmonious does the shape [" flow",..as sculptors call it ]. It also considers proportions, and appeal of the actual shape of the muscle. I believe the first round of the masters "O" was based a little too much on initial impact [ e.g.; striking muscularity]

             Don Youngblood was fantastic, he was really good. He was called out first [ i believe that "unless" the reigning champ looks off, it has been a traditional sign of respect to give him first call out, in the middle,.. the guy won it four times allready,...insignificant point? perhaps?] Vince on one side and John Hnydashack on the other.

             Essentially the breakdown looked to me like this. Don was very hard and defined, he had plenty of size, he was dry, he looked great. He did have weak points symmetrically,... * no glute development * flat, though very defined hamstrings, reasonable upper abs, but lose skin in the lower ab, and back. From the side his upper back had a postural problem [ upper spine curvature], Don worked hard to not show this, but perhaps trying too hard gave the appearance of awkwardness. There was also the unfortunate fact that he wasn't able to pose well enough to show this incredible body off. I have e-mail Don, and congratulated him on his success. I MEAN NO DISRESPECT, I THOUGHT HE WAS FANTASTIC, AND WILLINGLY ADMITTED HIS SUPERIORITY OVER ME. [ although, as the accompioning photo backstage shows, i believe i deserved at least a comparison with him.]

             Vince was not as hard as Don, he wasn't way off, but he was a little off. But the shape, symmetry, muscle bellies, taper, structural harmony, and ability to show his body in the best way possible, was better than all of us. If the criteria of round one was observed, in my mind Vince was ALL FIRSTS ! !. Don created a huge impact, the guy's side chest, [ especially torso], and most muscular are incredible, but isn't that round two?


    Regarding Round Two:

    After we did our solo seven compulsories in numerical order [ an additional viewing that the I F B B has in it's judging system, presumably to make for more accurate callouts once the athletes gather in a numerical group on stage ]. The comparisons of round two were about to begin. It was basically a carbon copy of the symmetry round in so far as to the order of the comparisons. The focus was on Vince, Don, and John. In this round it would have been more difficult to separate Don Youngblood from Vine Taylor. They both had such different physiques, Don was hard, cut, dry, and pretty full in the upper body, he had good overall size, 241 lbs at 5 ' 10" , i believe. No athlete is weighed at any pro show, so it is not hard to be skeptical sometimes of claimed bodyweights. In my opinion Don looked that weight. He had fantastic delts, wide shoulder structure, great traps and arms, good chest. Very cut legs, maybe not proportionally as big as his upper body, but the advantage of small knee joints made his legs look good. Bad points? lower abs, no glutes, not as good a poser as his physique warrants, loose skin on lower back and lower abs. Good lats, and good back thickness. Some curvature of the upper spine [ but that was covered in round one ].

    Vince has it all muscle wise, huge arms, small joints, every muscle is full and round. A very small waist, and big full lats make for an impressive taper. The thing about Vince this year was that he had really brought his thighs up, Bigger, and improved sweep [ outer and inner ]. Always able to show his body to it's best advantage due to posing skill that is as good as anyone in the pro ranks. Weak points, he wasn't hard, particularly next to Don. It is difficult to describe Vince's level of condition, he obviously wasn't fat, and he was separated, but he did have a softer slightly water retained look about him. Not wanting to be a coward here, i sure would have liked to see them from the front, with lots of comparisons. The judges made Don a pretty clear winner, i'm not sure i would agree with that. We are always told, consider the whole body. Almost every muscle in Vinces body, was superior in size and shape to anyone on stage The exception was Don's delts. Don was not as well put together, but as hard as a rock, and as dry as a stone. This one really did come down to preference, except for one observation. As i looked at the group [ admittedly from the side, but i spent a lot of time back stage with them as well], i do have to say that Vince does seem to be a step above the rest of us even at less than absolute peak condition. If asked for an opinion, i probably have gone with Vince.

    The three of them, John with the threesome, were compared often, occasionally Robby Would be Put in, and i thought he was a lot closer to John, and deserved more comparisons with him. John was often factored in with Vince And Don, the judges must have viewed him as a possible for second or maybe even first as well. John did look very good, the legendary abs were there, big arms, and very good conditioning. His legs were very separated and cut, but not big or much sweep. His back was fairly wide when he posed it, and also in good condition, but looked lacking in thickness. Hamstrings were very cut but not much sweep, calves were good, chest was really underdeveloped. John had obviously done his homework, but this is twelve years later, and the criteria is a little different. Not an unfair placing, but one or two down, would not have been inconceivable. What do i say about Robby, he just keeps on going, he looked good. I Felt it was very close between Robby and John.

    It seemed to me that the competition in round two was held in two stages. The comparisons for top four, and then the contest from fifth down. At no time did any of the top four ever compare with anyone from fifth down. The callouts to find fifth, sixth etc. were many and varied, with quite a contrasting difference to almost the same athletes as last year. It was good to see lee Apperson get noticed, and move up. I felt in round two, and in the final tally that Airvis Visockis may have been overlooked. I thought he looked better than the eleventh he finally placed.

    I had hoped for a few comparisons with the top Four, but i guess it is always hard to judge yourself objectively. I'm not saying that my placement was right or wrong, just that it didn't seem a clear enough cut off point for no overlap comparisons to occur. There were mixed feelings about the prejudging, and we all wanted to believe that round three would be a chance to show the judges we deserved a notch up.

    It has just occurred to me that during round one and two, i have given what i perceive to be an objective opinion/observation of both the event's strong and weak points. As well as that of the contestants. I've said nothing about the opinion of my own physique, deeming it improper to do so, but after rereading what i wrote, i'd better let the guys know i'm painfully aware of my own shortcomings as well. So i want to show i can take it as well as dish it out.

    Let me first say i have the utmost respect for my peers, my comments were observations, from my perspective [ i could be right or wrong on any point] Felt that my physique was better overall than last years. Last year 231 lbs at 5' 10", this year 240 lbs. On the positive legs were improved in hardness, size, separation. The most improved were my hamstrings, in both side sweep and cuts. I've managed to harden up my glutes, and they have gotten smaller [ which they needed]. My calves did not change at all, in fact they looked worse because the legs had. I might point out that my legs still don't have the hadness or separation like a Don youngblood, they had improved, that does not necessarily mean they were good. Back was wider + thicker, traps were up, but i don't feel it was as thin skinned as last year, Chest had not changed, Delts were bigger, but not as fibrous as last year, abs were not as good as last year, and waist was marginally bigger [ this may or may not have been offset by back growth]

    The price for extra muscle via heavier compound movements was a slightly bigger waist. Arms were bigger, and about the same definition as last year. Forearms had improved. I felt that posing in the first round was better, but the other rounds about the same. Overall, i felt i presented a better package than last year, even though i admit not everything was better. I know one thing for certain, that is if i want to be in the final five next year i'd better find a way to make significant improvement if guys like Don creep out of the woodwork.

2000 Masters Olympia Results
July 15, 2000 at Roanoke, Virginia

1Vince TaylorUSA
2Flavio BaccianiniItaly
3Robby RobinsonUSA
4Hans HopstakenUSA
5Jim Quinn
6Nicolae GiurgiRomania
7Aivars VisockisLatvia
8Scott Wilson
9Emeric DelczegRomania
10Danny Padilla
11Lee AppersonUSA
12Renato SomengiSweden
13Guido Conrad
14Stan FrydrychUSA
15Katsumi IshimuraJapan
16Honore CiranteCanary Islands
Over 40 Winner
1Vince TaylorUSA
Over 50 Winner
1Robby RobinsonUSA
Over 60 Winner
1Katsumi IshimuraJapan
Overall Winner
1Vince TaylorUSA

1999 Masters Olympia Results
July 17, 1999 at Roanoke, Virginia

In 1998, there was no Master's Olympia. This year, it was held at the same time as the Jan Tana Pro and Amatuer Contests, and it was back to a single group, instead of age groups.

1Vince TaylorUSA
2Flavio BaccianiniItaly
3Sonny SchmidtAustralia
4J.J. MarshUSA
5Yohnnie ShambourgerUSA
6Robby RobinsonUSA
7Quincy RobertsUSA
8James RobertsSweden
9Lee AppersonUSA
10Scott Wilson
11Johani Hokkanen
12Emeric DelczegRomania
13Edouardo Kawak
14Katsumi IshimuraJapan
15Stan FrydrychUSA
16Steve DavisUSA
17Jocelyn Cadieux
18Honore CiranteCanary Islands

1997 Masters Olympia Results
September 20, 1997 at Long Beach, California

The fourth annual Master's Olympia was a little different than last years. This year, there were three age groups competing, 40+, 50+ and 60+. The top three of each age group than posed against each other for the overall title.

Age GroupPlaceNameCountry
Overall Vince TaylorUSA
Over 401Vince TaylorUSA
2Sonny SchmidtAustralia
3James RobertsSweden
4Quincy RobertsUSA
5Yohnnie ShambourgerUSA
6Daniel CoussieuFrance
7Emeric DelczegRomania
8Ali MallaLebanon
9Steve DavisUSA
10Nicholas FotuluNew Caladonia
Over 501Robby RobinsonUSA
2Katsumi IshimuraJapan
Over 601Honore CiranteCanary Islands
2Ed CorneyUSA

1996 Masters Olympia Results
September 20, 1996 at Chicago, Illinois

The third annual Master's Olympia was no surprise as Vince Taylor, who had to choose between this event or the Mr. Olympia, won the competition with no problems. What was surprising was how great Sonny Schmidt looked. This event was a fun one, as we watched excellent posedown from the older bodybuilders, like Ed Corney. The winners of the Masters were:

1Vince TaylorUSA
2Sonny SchmidtAustralia
3Yohnnie ShambourgerUSA
4Robby RobinsonUSA
5Quincy RobertsUSA
6Samir BannoutUSA
7James RobertsSweden
8Emeric DelczegRomania
9Katsumi IshimuraJapan
10Jim MorrisUSA
11Ed CorneyUSA
12Rod KoontzUSA

1995 Masters Olympia Standings

1Sonny SchmidtAustralia
2Robby RobinsonUSA
3Patrick NicholsBarbados
4Charles GlassUSA
5Dan CoussuixFrance
6James RobertsSweden
7Olev AnnusFinland
8Katsumi IshimuraJapan
9C. PimentalPortugal
10Boyer CoeUSA
11Ed CorneyUSA
12Rod KoontzUSA

1994 Masters Olympia Results

1Robby Robinson
2Lou Ferrigno
3Boyer Coe
4Chris Dickerson
5Olev Annus
6Bernard Sealy
7Danny Padilla
8Bill Grant
9Huburt Metz
10Ed Corney
11Scott Wilson
12Herman Hoffend