1998 Canadian Men's Bodybuilding Championships Results
September 12, 1998 in Toronto, Canada.

The event was held at the John W.H. Bassett Theatre at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, with 108 athletes registering.

OverallErik AlstrupOntario
Heavyweights1Erik AlstrupOntario
2Gino TomasinoBritish Columbia
3Fedel ClarkeOntario
Light-Heavyweights1Reza AmintorabiBritish Columbia
2Remi ZuriQuebec
3Basil BrownOntario
Middleweights1Wesley MohammedOntario
2Stocky Carlos RabieiBritish Columbia
3Basil OdeiOntario
Welterweight1Abdul Sagar
2Mark GaylardOntario
3Timothy LewisOntario
Lightweights1Brian WongBritish Columbia
2Davide D'AuriaOntario
3Ron pierOttawa
Bantamweight1Adam MoghariBritish Columbia
2Luc VivierQuebec City
3Bryan BrothersBritish Columbia
Junior Men1David DaviesOntario
2Mark MagyarOntario
3Sam SmithAlberta
Master Men1John RaposoOntario
2Ron DriolOntario
3Andre CarriereQuebec
Special 81 Year Old1San Hoon ParkBritish Columbia

1997 Canadian Men's Bodybuilding Championships Results
Place des Arts in downtown Montreal

1997 was the silver anniversary of the CBBF, the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation. The promoters of this contest was Tony Blinn and Manuel Moniz. There were 110 bodybuilding competitors who come to the Place des Arts in downtown Montreal. The CBBF has their annual congress at this event, in which Tony Blinn stepped down as president, who has guided the CBBF since 1985. The new president of the CBBF is Mark Baker. The guest poser at the show was Russ Testo, who presented three exceptional routines.

OverallYves MoutmarquetteQuebec
Heavyweights1Henry CameronOntario
2Erik AlstrupOntario
3Reza AmintorabiBritish Columbia
Light-Heavyweights1Wesley MohammedOntario
2Dale KingQuebec
3Basil OdeiOntario
Middleweights1Yves MoutmarquetteQuebec
2Franco LicastroBritish Columbia
3Stocky Carlos RabieiBritish Columbia
Welterweight1Bryan DueckManitoba
2Timothy LewissOntario
3Serge VenneQuebec
Lightweights1Brian WongBritish Columbia
2Patrick MokOntario
3John BattistaQuebec
Bantamweight1Christophe GagneAlberta
2Bryan BrothersBritish Columbia
3Andrew BoxOntario