1999 Tri-Fitness Results

Overall Standings
1Katie Uter
2Sheila Law
3Jennifer Rosen
4Pat Guzman
5Kristin Coleman
6Christina Martin
7Amy Pierce
8Shelly Scamardo
9Angie Johnson
10Mandi Quimper

1998 IronWoman Pro-Am Tri-Fitness Results

Women from 19 different states took part in the Inaugural Ironwomen Pro-Am Tri-Fitness Competition in Florida. There were three main events, a fitness contest, a physique stand-off, and an obstacle course. Winners were crowned for each event, and the total of the three events combined counted on who finished overall. The organizers were Al Rosen and Dick Smith.

Overall Standings
1Kelly Gignilliat
2Kim Hartt
3Suzi Hunt
4Lisa Marie Varon
5Lihn Cole
6Katie Uter
7Torrie Wilson
8Jennifer Rosen
9Ingrid Marcum
10Dana Newman
11Jonna Ocampo
12Debbie Sizemore
Over 35 Division
1Roxane Pagliaroli
2Victoria Plarr
1Jennifer Rosen
Obstacle Course Round
1Kelly Gignilliat
Fitness Round
1Kelly Gignilliat
Best Body Round
1Torrie Wilson