1997 Super Fitness Results
June, 1997, Hawaii

Marjo and Hannu Selin held their second Super Fitness event in Hawai. Events include the the Super Fitness Physique Round (which was held poolside at the Aston Wailea Resort); the ocean swim round (a grueling 100 meters); the beach run (600 meters), the the parallel bar dips (has many as you can), the Obstacle Course, and the Fitness Routine.

Overall Standings
1Jennifer Dawson
2Candace Head
3Shannon Meteraud
4Kim Peterson
5Jennifer Stimac
6Dawn Savant
7Aimee Quaratino
8Kathy Jonske
9Debra Kahino
10Wendy Poth-Gaartner
11Sandy Owen
12Kirsty St. John
13Debbie Auer
14Mary O'Conner
15Kathy Meyers
16Carol Barlett
17Dawn Scaiano
Physique Round
1Aimee Quaratino
Ocean Swim Round
1Aimee Quaratino
The Beach Run
1Wendy Poth-Gaartner
Parallel Bar Dips
1Debra Kahino
Obstacle Course
1Wendy Poth-Gaartner
Fitness Routine
1Dawn Savant