Lifequest Triple Crown Fitness Results
October 23-25, 1997, Charleston, South Carolina

The were 64 competitors in Lifequest Triple Crown. The competition features a obstacle course, grace / physique round, fitness routine round, and a evening gown and interview section round. THe organizers of the event were Wayne Caparas and Elaine Whitfield.

Overall Standings
1Brandi Carrier
2Elisa Martin
3Lori Ann Lloyd
4Kelly Gignilliat
5Kim Hartt
6Tricy Cabading
7MIchelle Italio
8Angela Warren
9Meredith Lord
10Robin White
11Kristin Coleman
12Cari Hutchingson
16Debra Lee Burnswoth
19Stephanie Metzdorf
21Lisa Varon
24Alis Willoughby
31Torrie Wilson
Over 35 Category
1Lori Ann Lloyd
2Victoria Plarr
3Dora Overs
Over 40 Category
1Meredith Lord
2Debra Martin