Canadian Fitness Championships
September 6, 1997 at Montreal, Canada

1Cathy Giancaspro
2Joanne Dietrich
3Sandy Biglow
4Terri Ann Phippen
5Tami Friesen
6Christine Patelos
6Michelle Bentson
8Linh Cole
9 Bernadine Drake
10Mary Elaine Mota
11Zoe Dafniotis
12Jenny Arnold
13Tara Grant
14Susanna Kilty
15Joelle Krespine
16Jill Cesario

Canadian Fitness Championships
April 8th, 1995 at Ottawa, Canada at the De La Salle Auditorium

1995 marked the second annual Canadian Fitness Championships. The first was held in Calgary in 1994. These competitors were vying for the title and a chance to go and compete in the Ms. Fitness World. The competitors were judged in three categories: the beauty, poise and projection round in the evening gown attire with the competitors giving their philosophy on fitness, the physique round in swimsuits, and the fitness round with 90 second high energy routines displaying strength, flexibility and endurance. The event is sanctioned by the CFSB, Canadian Fitness Sanctioning Body.

1Nicole Protz
2Susan Spielman
3Elizabeth Easton
4Melissa Mok
5Michelle Mitchell
6Nathalie Emond
6Caroline Haddad
8Linh Cole
9Katherine Talbot
10Lok Chiu
11Alicia Reitz
12Robin Niderost
13Zoe Dafniostis
14Eileen Muraca
15Wendy Belman