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2014 Fitness Olympia Results
September 20, 2014 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Oksana Grishina
2Regiane DaSilva
3Tanji Johnson
4Bethany Cisternino
5Myriam Capes
6Fiona Harris
7Trish Warren
8Whitney Jones
9Danielle Ruban
10Marta Aguiar
11Amanda Hatfield
12Somkina Liudmila

2013 Fitness Olympia Results
September 27-28, 2013 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Adela Garcia
2Oksana Grishina
3Tanji Johnson
4Myriam Capes
5Bethany Cisternino
6Trish Warren
7Ryall Graber
8Regiane DaSilva
9Whitney Jones
10Michelle Blank
11Natalie Planes
12Fiona Harris
13Diana Monteiro
DNFNicole Duncan

2012 Fitness Olympia Results
September 28-29, 2012 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Adela GarciaUSA51621
2Oksana GrishinaRussia401454
3Tina DurkinUSA105060
4Myriam CapesCanada235679
5Tanji JohnsonUSA216283
6Bethany CisterninoUSA158095
7Ryall Graber-VasaniCanada3578113
8Camala RodriguezUSA3184115
9Regiane DaSilvaGermany5380133
10Kizzy VainesUnited Kingdom7382155
11Vanda HadareanCanada62108170
12Danielle RubanCanada68102170
13Jodi BoamUSA45128173
14Fiona HarrisCanada59134193
15Nicole DuncanUSA59142201
16Hollie StewartUSA80142222

2011 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 16-17, 2011 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Adela GarciaUSA52025
2Tanji JohnsonUSA104252
3Myriam CapesCanada305080
4Tina DurkinUSA157893
5Oksana GrishinaRussia365894
6Michelle BlankUSA3468102
7Bethany CisterninoUSA2086106
8Jodi BoamCanada5256108
9Camala RodriguezUSA3092122
10Nicole DuncanUSA4690136
11Diana MonteiroBrazil5980139
12Regiane Da SilvaGermany52114166
13Kizzy VainesUnited Kingdom64112176

2010 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 24, 2010 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Adela once again wins for 5th Fitness Olympia, with Tanji Johnson in 2nd place again in a rematch of last year's top two fitness competitors. Trish Warren did an incredible routine, and moved up the ranks with a 3rd place finish. Both Tracey Greenwood and Julie Palmer qualified for the Fitness Olympia, but chose not to compete for various reasons.

PlaceNameCountryComp #2-PieceRoutineTotal
1Adela GarciaUSA65611
2Tanji JohnsonUSA8101424
3Trish WarrenUSA14152338
4Myriam CapesCanada1242448
5Oksana GrishinaRussia7411758
6Bethany WagnerUSA13283361
7Tina DurkinUSA4284371
8Regiane Da SilvaGermany2423779
9Nicole DuncanUSA3552782
10Camala RodriguezUSA11345285
11Shannon MeteraudUSA95050100
12Kizzy VainesUnited Kingdom126656122
12Mia FinneganUSA56260122
14Yenny PolancoUSA106669135

2009 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 25, 2009 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Adela Garcia picks up her 4th Fitness Olympia win as she came back after a knee injury which almost forced her to retire. What an amazing win for Adela! Here are the results of the 2009 Fitness Olympia.

1Adela GarciaUSA5512729
2Tanji JohnsonUSA151291046
3Tracey GreenwoodUSA1013232066
4Julie PalmerUSA20222638106
5Tina DurkinUSA23214326113
6Myriam CapesCanada34343931138
7Shannon MeteraudUSA32324042146
8Nicole DuncanUSA50541926149
9Regiane Da SilvaGermany51484027166
10Trish WarrenUSA40404945174
11Mindi O’BrienCanada50483055183

2008 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 26, 2008 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Congratulations Jen Hendershott for winning the Fitness Olympia, after previously announcing that she would be retiring. Kim Scheideler (was Klein) came in third, while Tracy Greenwood just finished her best placing ever at the O! Adela Garcia did not compete, as she was injured.

1Jen HendershottUSA7135530
2Tracey GreenwoodUSA1611152466
3Kim ScheidelerUSA1820192077
4Julie PalmerUSA85283778
5Tanji JohnsonUSA2230161684
6Regiane DaSilviaGermany30354035140
7Mindi O'BrienCanada39374140157
8Laticia JacksonUSA59583825180
9Trish WarrenUSA36346161192
10Erin RileyUSA55545732198
11Nicole DuncanUSA57604842207
12Heidi FletcherUSA60595055224
13Stacy SimonsUSA70704949238
14Julie LohreUSA453970---DNF

2007 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 28, 2007 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Adela GarciaUSA67171242
2Kim KleinUSA98181550
3Jen HendershottUSA252251769
4Tanji JohnsonUSA1822172380
5Tracey GreenwoodUSA32303939140
6Julie PalmerUSA16165752141
7Oksana GrishinaRussia5664197146
8Julie LohreUSA40554447186
9Julie Shipley-ChildsUSA56434845192
10Mindi O'brienCanada58434849198
11Stacy SimonsUSA62474451204
12Bethany GaineyUSA40356173209
13Regiane DasilvaGermany73676458262
14Angela Monteleone-SemschUSA43668388280
15Heidi FletcherUSA74757268289
16Amy HuberUSA83877577322
17Stephanie WorsfoldCanada81867887332
18Mariam CapesCanada86889563332
19Rosi MenaSpain92928878350

2006 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 29, 2006 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Adela GarciaUSA6615835
2Kim KleinUSA9914941
3Jen HendershottUSA242551670
4Tanji JohnsonUSA2823191989
5Tracey GreenwoodUSA22233229106
6Julie PalmerUSA15204248125
7Julie ChildsUSA38433148160
8Angela Monteleone-SemschUSA35354844162
9Mindi O'BrienCanada51444337175
10Regiane Da SilvaGermany60503837185
11Deana LeeUSA49545543201
12Amy HaddadUSA 49596054222
13Heidi FletcherUSA65656363256

2005 Fitness Olympia Standings
October 14, 2005 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

1Jen HenderschottUSA17175544
2Kim KleinUSA99112049
3Adela GarciaUSA98172357
4Tracey GreenwoodUSA25233040118
5Julie PalmerUSA14213751123
6Debbie CzempinskiAustralia4246301995
7Julie ChildsUSA36352641138
8Mindi O'BrienCanada48453411138
9Angela Monteleone-SemschUSA31365039156
10Tanji JohnsonUSA50473841176
11Stacy SimonsUSA50514635182

2004 Fitness Olympia Standings
October 29, 2004 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Adela Garcia-FriedmanskyUSA55181644
2Jen HendershottUSA1827101368
3Kelly RyanUSA30345574
4Kim KleinUSA232029991
5Tracey GreenwoodUSA1010394594
6Julie PalmerUSA20164950135
7Stacey HyltonUSA39462826139
8Tanji JohnsonUSA45403337155
9Mindy O'BrienCanada41474341172
10Anna LevelVenezuela41317056198
11Klaudia KinskaSlovakia67674335212
12Stacy SimonsUSA58566057231
13Jennifer HankeUSA62665548231
14Teri MooneyUSA62635070245

2003 Fitness Olympia Standings
October 24, 2003 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Susie Curry1013111246
2Kelly Ryan255121759
3Adela Friemansky52430564
4Tracey Greenwood20304025115
5Jen Hendershott36222837123
6Anna Level15415317126
7Klaudia Kinska36302437127
8Stacy Hylton44262640136
9Julie Palmer37635739196
10Jenny Worth47503962198
11Kim Klein63454156205
12Stacy Simons5554
13Shannon Meteraud60576159237
14Kim Odiatu67606767261

2002 Fitness Olympia Standings
October 18, 2002 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Susie CurryUSA61222545
2Kelly RyanUSA28572666
3Jennifer WorthUSA1429121570
4Adela FriemanskyUSA1021301071
5Jennifer HendershottUSA2315162377
6Stacy HyltonUSA48292040137
7Tracey GreenwoodUSA31484334156
8Shannon MeteraudUSA33525028163
9Christine BergeronCanada44596050213
9Tanji JohnsonUSA71383767213
11Anna LevelUSA41686645220
12Stacy SimonsUSA61525665234
13Laurie VanimanUSA60516460235
14Lisa ReedUSA65605661242
15Alekandra KobielakPoland63607367263

2001 Fitness Olympia Standings
October 26, 2001 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Susie CurryUSA51013533
2Jennifer WorthUSA1620131362
3Kelly RyanUSA25552762
4Adela FriemanskyUSA1427312092
5Timea MajorovaSlovakia1525421597
6Jennifer HendershottUSA35202027102
7Jennifer HankeUSA32374838155
8Stacy SimonsUSA48503550183
9Alekandra KobielakPoland41515544191
10Laura MakUSA50464156193
11Nicole HobbsUSA59513351194
12Melissa FrabbieleUSA47495845199

2000 Fitness Olympia Standings
October 21, 2000 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Susie CurryUSA2215101057
2Kelly RyanUSA72172863
3Jennifer WorthUSA2311181365
4Timea MajorovaSlovakia18539769
5Adelina FriemanskyUSA36333624129
6Shannon MetaraudUSA41264124132
7Jennifer HendershottUSA16513243142
8Klaudia KinskaSlovakia62361944161
9Lena JohannesenNorway52305939180
10Melissa FrabbieleUSA49434842182
11Shena ForknerUSA32565157196
12Stacy SimonsUSA46613259198
13Lisa LoweUSA52615662231

1999 Fitness Olympia Standings
October 22, 1999 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Mary YockeyUSA11610532
2Kelly RyanUSA82152054
3Susie CurryUSA1710201056
4Monica BrantUSA2323251586
5Timea MajorovaSlovakia25183930112
6Amanda BlankUSA32401636124
7Lena JohannesenNorway58225125156
8Melissa FrabbieleUSA44404041165
9Jennifer WorthUSA45453548173
10Marietta ZigalovaSlovakia44475249192
11Stacy SimonsUSA51584849206
12Cristiana CasoniItaly51546360228
13Madonna GrimesUSA49715667243
14Ursula Buckanes-HenryUSA75747068287
WidthdrewMilamar Flores-SarcevCanada6761---

1998 Fitness Olympia Standings
November 7, 1998 at Nice, France

1Monica BrantUSA
2Susie CurryUSA
3Mary YockeyUSA
4Saryn MuldrowDenmark
5Lena JohannesenNorway
6Timea MajorovaSlovakia
7Debbie Lee-SternUSA
8Carmen MorenoSpain
9Tina San AntonioUSA
10Jennifer WorthUSA
11Cristiana CasoniItaly
12Alexandra BeresHungary
13Stacy SimonsUSA
14Marietta ZigalovaSlovakia
15Claire HillmanEngland
16Simonetta RebecchiItaly
16Chisato MishimaJapan

1997 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 22, 1997 at New York, New York

1Carol Semple-MarzettaUSA
2Saryn MuldrowDenmark
3Lena JohannesenNorway
4Susie CurryUSA
5Dale TomitaUSA
6Monica BrantUSA
7Karen HulseUSA
8Teresa HesslerUSA
9Carmen MorenoSpain
10Alexandra BeresHungary
11Timea MajorovaSlovakia
12Michelle BelliniUSA
13Stephanie WorsfoldCanada
14Jenifer CollinsUSA
15Michele RalabateUSA
16Melissa FrabbieleUSA

1996 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 20, 1996 at Chicago, Illinois

What another complete surprise! It this new catagory of Fitness Olympia (this is the 2nd annual show), Saryn Muldrow took top honors over last years reigning queen Mia Finnagan. Karen Hulse came in 3rd, (justly deserved), but the biggest surprise was Carol Semple-Marzetta, who came in 5th! This was another hard to judge contest! Results were:

1Saryn MuldrowDenmark
2Mia FinneganUSA
3Karen HulseUSA
4Dale TomitaUSA
5Carol Semple-MarzettaUSA
6Teresa HesslerUSA
7Monica BrantUSA
8Michelle BelliniUSA
9Debi LeeUSA
10Claire HillmanEngland

1995 Fitness Olympia Standings
September 9, 1995 at Atlanta, Georgia

1Mia FinneganUSA
2Carol SempleUSA
3Saryn MuldrowDenmark
4Dale TomitaUSA
5Denise PagliaUSA
6Madonna GrimesUSA
7Monica BrantUSA
8Debbie KruckUSA
9Christine ToozeEngland
10Penny PriceUSA
11Sharon BruneauCanada
12Maria GonzalezUSA
13Carmen MorenoSpain
14Jana BabaninaRussia
14Lauren ElliotUSA
14Milamar FloresCanada
14Donna GuntherAustralia

Past Winners of the Fitness Olympia

1995Mia FinneganUSA
1996Saryn MuldrowDenmark
1997Carol Semple-MarzettaUSA
1998Monica BrantUSA
1999Mary YockeyUSA
2000Susie CurryUSA
2001Susie CurryUSA
2002Susie CurryUSA
2003Susie CurryUSA
2004Adela GarciaUSA
2005Jen HenderschottUSA
2006Adela GarciaUSA
2007Adela GarciaUSA
2007Jen HendershottUSA
2008Jen HendershottUSA
2009Adela GarciaUSA
2010Adela GarciaUSA
2011Adela GarciaUSA
2012Adela GarciaUSA
2013Adela GarciaUSA
2014Oksana GrishinaUSA