Contest Results

2014 IFBB Powerhouse Detroit Pro Bikini Results
May 11, 2013 at Detroit, Michigan

1Ashley Kaltwasser
2Stacey Alexander
3Courtney King
4Jessica Renee
5Maura Bouchard
6Rachelle Dejean
7Maria Annunziata
8Jaclyn Wilson
9Noemi Olah
10Vladimira Krasova
11Francesca Yumul
12Lynn Sambuco
13Heather Gonyea
14Sandi Forsythe
15Jennifer Elliott
16Becky Clawson
16Janet West
16Natalie Abrhiem

2010 IFBB Detroit Bikini Results
September 18, 2010, in Detroit, Michigan

Two more rookies came to Detroit for the last IFBB Pro Bikini contest to qualify for the 2010 Olympia, and they both garnered the top spots. Noemi Olah from Hungary blew away the competition, and could be a very serious contender for the top six at the Olympia next week. Christy Merritt also wowed the judges, and Dina Al-Sabah, after improving at each contest, garned the last qualifying spot for the Bikini Olympia. Congratulations! Davana Medina, on her first pro contest as a bikini competitor, placed 5th, still a little too muscular but quite impressive.

PlaceNameCountryComp #Total
1Noemi OlahHungary125
2Christy MerrittUSA1110
3Dina Al-SabahKuwait116
4Jessica ClayUSA323
5Davana MedinaUSA1025
6Jessica JessieUSA730
7Bianca BinnoUSA232
8Melissa FrabbieleUSA542
9Kira RiveraUSA1445
10Zara Pineda-BoorderCanada1348
11Stefanie LindseyUSA958
12Janet HardingUSA662
13Michelle LambUSA865
14Beth WhiteUSA1566
15Nicole ColemanUSA473