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Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Radio's most requested radio program

Pro Bodybuilding Weekly has emerged as one of bodybuilding's most popular and wide reaching media outlets. The first talk radio show devoted to the world of professional bodybuilding has become a favorite among's members and to bodybuilding fans everywhere. Hosted by Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo, the show features the biggest names in the bodybuilding industry.

The guest list has included legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Lou Ferrigno, Larry Scott all the way to current stars like Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Priest, Phil Heath and a growing list of celebrities.

In one memorable show, PBW presented a rare interview with IFBB founder Ben Weider. The radio "voice of pro bodybuilding" is also syndicated on several major radio networks throughout the world.

  • Bodybuilding History is Made! For the first time in the history of professional bodybuilding, fans can now tune into a talk-radio show devoted exclusively to the world of pro bodybuilding. Developed by Executive Producer Dan Solomon, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly gives fans the opportunity to hear directly from the biggest names in bodybuilding! Worldwide Broadcast! To ensure the largest possible audience, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly can be heard throughout the world by anyone with internet access. The global broadcast is produced in the United States by the leading producer of internet based radio. The live broadcasts are available at

    Past Episodes and Dates

    11-24-15 - Sergio Oliva Jr - the Nationals Report

    11-16-15 - Lou Ferrigno

    10-26-15 - PJ Bruan

    10-05-15 - The Head Judge

    09-22-15 - The Olympia Report

    09-14-15 - The Olympia Prediction Preview Part 2

    09-07-15 - The Olympia Preview Report Part 2

    08-24-15 - Jay Cutler and the Olympia Preview Report Part 1

    08-14-15 - Hot Topics

    07-27-15 - Cody Montgomery and the USA Report

    07-23-15 - Does Kai Really Have A Chance?

    06-24-15 - The Story of Jose Raymond

    06-08-15 - George Farah and the Guru Diaries

    05-27-15 - Dallas McCarver

    05-04-15 - Victor Martinez

    04-20-15 - Rob and Dana Lynn Bailey

    04-06-15 - Expert Rountable

    03-23-15 - The Head Judge Visits

    03-09-15 - The Arnold Classic Report

    03-02-15 - 2015 Arnold Classic Preview

    02-23-15 - Dexter Jackson and the Arms Race

    02-09-15 - Bill Romanowski in the Season Premiere 11

    11-18-14 - Top Ten Stories of 2014

    10-07-14 - Global Reports

    09-22-14 - 2014 Olympia Report from Las Vegas

    09-16-14 - The 2014 Olympia Prediction Show

    09-09-14 - The Olympia Preview Report Part 2

    09-02-14 - The Olympia Preview Report Part 1

    08-18-14 - Remembering Mike Matarazzo

    08-11-14 - Victor Martinez and the Tampa Report

    07-28-14 - The Vegas Report

    07-07-14 - Mid-Summer Bodybuilding Report

    06-24-14 - Battle of the Big Mouths

    06-03-14 - Bodybuilding Stock Report

    05-19-14 - Live from New York!

    04-28-14 - Rio and the Story of Flight 250

    04-21-14 - Arnold Heads to Rio

    03-31-14 - Steve Kuclo Targets Rio

    03-17-14 - Victor Martinez

    03-03-14 - Columbus Report

    02-24-14 - Arnold Classic Preview Show

    02-10-14 - Evan Centopani on a Mission

    02-03-14 - Our 10th Year Begins! Season 10 Premiere

    12-09-13 - Top 10 Stories of 2013

    11-25-13 - Dennis Wolf and the Nationals Report

    11-04-13 - Dexter Jackson Visits

    10-21-13 - Cutler Confessions

    10-07-13 - Hot Topics!

    98. 12-03-07 - Top Ten Stories of the Year with Jay Cutler

    97. 11-26-07 - Remembering Reg Park - A Tribute to a Champion

    96. 11-19-07 - 2007 NPC National Report and Guest Pete Siegel

    95. 11-12-07 - Lee Haney and Jim Manion, NPC Nationals 25th Anniversary

    94. 11-05-07 - PBW Greatest Hits - Nasser, Zane, Padilla

    93. 10-29-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Melvin Anthony

    92. 10-22-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Toney Freeman

    91. 10-08-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Ronnie Coleman

    90. 10-01-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Jay Cutler

    89. 09-24-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Dennis James and Troy Alves, also Hany Rambod

    88. 09-17-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Johnnie Jackson

    87. 09-10-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Ronnie Coleman

    86. 08-27-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Phil Heath and Shawn Ray, also Chad Nicholls

    85. 08-13-07 - The Legendary Reg Park

    84. 08-06-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Samir Bannout

    83. 07-30-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Quincy Taylor

    82. 07-23-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Chris Cormier and Kris Dim

    81. 07-16-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Mark Dugdale

    80. 07-09-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Milos Sarcev, Part 2

    79. 07-02-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Milos Sarcev and Peter Putman

    78. 06-18-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Lee Labrada and Danny Padilla

    77. 06-11-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Lee Priest

    76. 06-04-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Silvio Samuel and Darrem Charles - in Denver

    75. 05-21-07 - Special 75th show with Jay Cutler

    74. 05-14-07 - NY Pro Recap - from New York

    73. 05-07-07 - NY Pro Preview, with guests Steve Weinburger and Ryan DeLuca

    72. 04-30-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Frank Zane

    71. 04-23-07 - Special Guest Judge Jim Rockell

    70. 04-09-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Chris Dickerson

    69. 04-02-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Kevin Kevrone

    68. 03-26-07 - The Diet Doctor

    67. 03-19-07 - Gretest Hits Volume One (Titus, Victor and Canseco)

    66. 03-12-07 - WWE Superstar Triple H

    65. 03-05-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Phil Heath

    64. 02-26-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro King Kamali

    63. 02-19-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Toney Freeman

    62. 02-12-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger

    61. 02-05-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Nasser El Sonbaty

    60. 01-29-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Franco Columbu

    59. 01-22-07 - Special Guest Charles Glass

    57. 01-08-07 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Ronnie Coleman - Season Premier

    56. 11-07-06 - Top Stories of 2006

    55. 11-13-06 - 2006 NPC Nationals Report

    54. 10-30-06 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Mike Matarazzo

    53. 10-23-06 - Updates plus Special Guest Ben Weider

    52. 10-09-06 - Post Olympia Broadcast

    51. 10-02-06 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Jay Cutler

    50. 09-18-06 - 2006 Olympia Preview

    49. Magazine Wars - 09-11-06

    48. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Toney Freeman, with a Europa preview part two - 08-28-06

    47. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Paul Dillett, with a Europa Contest preview - 08-21-06

    46. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Lee Priest 7-31-06 - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Shawn Ray 7-31-06

    Lee Priest is PDI bound, and in probably, one of the most exciting and intense radio show to this date, Bob and Dan go head to head with Lee Priest on various topics from Getbig's bulletin boards, and much more. In the second half, they bring in the big gun, Shawn Ray to go head to head with Lee Priest. Incredible fireworks here.

    45. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Lou Ferrigno and Special guest Mandy Polk 7-24-06

    Lou Ferrigno, the Incredible Hulk, and still on a myriad number of televisions shows to this day, discusses various topics that readers and people wanat to know. Also, Mandy Pol, a key witness in the Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan trial, discusses some stories about them.

    44. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Milos Sarcev and Special guest Vince Scalisi 7-17-06

    Milos Sarcev, coming off an end to a 2 year investigation into steroids and more, talks about what happened, his 60+ appearances as a pro bodybuilder on stage, and much more. Also, Vince Scalisi, of Muscletech, talks about the latest developments there, and who Vince is.

    43. Pro Baseball player Jose Canseco 7-10-06

    Jose Canseco talks about his involvement with steroids, and more stories following his book which spoke about steroids in baseball and who allegedly took them.

    42. Round Table Forum 6-19-06

    Bob Cicherillo and Dan Solomon talks with some experts, and the start of the second year on the air.

    41. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro King Kamali 6-12-06

    King Kamali, wherever he appears, always creates controversy, excitement and brings up emotions that people cannot describe. Especially, when he talks about Getbig's message boards, and his 6th place finish at the NY Pro. This is also the one year anniversary of the show.

    40. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Mike Francois and's main guy Ron Avidan 6-05-06

    The legendary Mike Francois discusses what he has done in a past few years, and more. Also, Ron Avidan from discusses various questions, and how affects bodybuilding discussions.

    39. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Dennis James 5-22-06

    Dennis James just placed 3rd at the NY Pro qualifying him for the Mr. Olympia again. See what Dennis James has to say with everything.

    38. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Phil Heath - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Darrem Charles - IFBB Judge Steve Weinberger 05-15-06

    Listen to Phil Heath, who just won the 2006 Colorado Pro two days earlier, and Darrem Charles, who came in second in a very close race at the Colorado Pro. Also, Steve Weinberger, who judged the Colorado Pro show, and also is the promoter of the upcoming New York pro show.

    37. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Lee Haney 5-01-06

    Lee Haney, respected, and was truly the best bodybuilder in the 1980's, winning an incredible amount of Mr. Olympia's, shows why many people respect the ideas and history of the great one.

    36. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Shawn Ray 4-24-06
    IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Bob Cicherillo 4-24-06
    NPC Promoter Pete Fancher 4-24-06

    Bob Cicherillo, fresh off winning the 2006 Master's Pro, discusses his win, and the controversy surrounding the win, if there was any. Pete Fancher dicusses the Southern States, the magazine covering these Florida shows and much more.

    35. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Vince Taylor 4-10-06

    Well, Vince Taylor, who recently qualified for the 2006 IFBB Mr. Olympia at the Australian Pro after a long hiatus, surprises everyone by announcing that he is going to compete in the PDI's Night of Champion over the Mr. Olympia.

    34. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Shawn Ray 4-03-06
    Muscular Development Senior Writer John Ramano 4-03-06

    Shawn Ray, promoter of the IFBB Colorado Pro show, discusses various bodybuilding related topics and more. John Ramano brings his words of wisdom for all to hear, including the discussion of the new organization called the PDI (Pro Division Inc) by Wayne DeMilia.

    33. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Phil Heath 3-20-06
    Flex Senior Writer Shawn Perine 3-20-06

    Phil Heath, the potential rookie of the year, is coming on strong with his upcoming IFBB Colorado Pro Show, where the pressure for Phil to win the show is strong. Here is Phil on everything that has happened to him in bodybuilding, and where did he come from, and his future plans. Also, Shawn Perine discusses various topics of relevancy.

    32. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Branch Warren 3-13-06
    MuscleMag Magaine writer Larry Pepe 3-13-06

    The sensational Branch Warren, astounded everybody at the Arnold Classic, even his own competition. He quickly become one of the favorites there at the show, and has impressed everyone with his physique. Here is Branch's thoughts on the whirlwind of events. Also, Lary Pepe discusses his idea of weight classes at the Olympia and why is will be good for the sport.

    31. Arnold Classic Post Review Show 3-06-06

    The Arnold Classic was a great weekend - over 100,000 fans where there in Columbus, Ohio. There were a number of surprises at the IFBB Pro events, and Dan & Bob are here to review and discuss what they thought, and more.

    30. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro David Henry 2-27-06

    David Henry surprised many by placing at the top three at the Ironman Pro this year? But many call him arrogant and indifferent to his fellow peers and fans? Is it true? Hear David in his own words on his experiences in competing and more.

    29. Ironman Broadcast Live from the Expo 2-17-06

    Join Dan & Bob as they broadcast live from the Ironman Expo in Pasadena as they discuss what is going on with the first IFBB Pro show of the season.

    28. Arnold Classic Promoter Jim Lorimer 2-06-06

    Jim Lorimer is a legend in terms of promoting a show. The Arnold Classic and it's expo is now the largest attended expo in the bodybuilding and fitness world, in Columbus, Ohio every year, and brings the great Arnold out in support. Here is Jim's opinions on what he is doing this year and for the future.

    27. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Gustavo Badell 1-23-06

    Gustavo Badell was described as arrogant when he outmuscled and looked tough on stage to become one of the top bodybuilders in the world. Not so, and in this radio broadcast, Gustavo is cool, calm and describes his upcoming contest preparations and more.

    26. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Chris Cormier 1-16-06
    Flex Senior Writer Shawn Perine

    Chris Cormier, trying to shed is party boy image, is talking about what is going on with him, and what happened last year in his contest placings. Shawn Perine discusses various aspects of bodybuilding news, stories and other opinions.

    25. Criminal defense attorney David Markus 1-09-06

    Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan is what everybody is talking about with the start of the new year. What is going on now that they have been caught? Why? Give us some legal situations? Ramifications? And more...

    24. Special Report: Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Murder Charges 12-23-05

    The bodybuilding world is stunned. The fitness world is stunned. The fans are stunned. Did I mention everyone is stunned. The news that Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan are charged with murder and have fled the country and more rumors that they killed Melissa James are just the talk of the boards, and everything else.

    23. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Dorian Yates 12-12-05

    Dorian Yates, one of the top bodybuilders of all time and the dominant Mr. Olympia title holder in the 1990's, discusses what he is up to know, and other aspects of his legendary career.

    22. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Gunter Schlierkamp 11-28-05
    Movie Director Sam Turcotte 11-28-05

    Gunter Schlierkamp, one of bodybuilding's favorite competitors, talks about his life, and interests. Also, Sam Turcotte, director and writer of the movie 'No Pain, No Gain' talks about the efforts to bring it to the big screen.

    21. Top Ten Stories of 2005 11-21-05

    What were the best bodybuilding stories of 2005, according to our favorite co-hosts and their interesting opinions. Find out here on this radio broadcast.

    20. IFBB Judge Jim Rockell 11-07-05

    Head Judge Jim Rockell discusses various topics related to the IFBB and the judging, plus lots more.

    19. Ironman Writer Lonnie Teper 10-31-05

    Lonnie Teper, Ironman senior writer, and emcee of more than 300 NPC & IFBB contests, discusses life, liberty and what makes him tick and what does he think.

    18. Muscular Development Writer John Romano 10-17-05

    John Romano is the senior writer at Muscular Development, and not one to stray away from an opinion. John has angered quite a few people with his writings, but still, they come back for more!

    17. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Ronnie Coleman 10-10-05

    Ronnie Coleman, the king of the Mr. Olympia and number one ranked bodybuilder in the world for the past seven year, discusses how he will stay #1 throughout 2006!

    16. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Jay Cutler 10-03-05

    Jay Cutler, perhaps the man poised to take the 2005 Mr. Olympia throne from Ronnie Coleman, speaks about his life, his bodybuilding workout, his future, and many other questions.

    15. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Flex Wheeler 9-26-05

    Flex Wheeler, once a top bodybuilder who almost captured the Mr. Olympia title, now a grandfather, writing articles and taking pictures for Muscular Development magazine. Hear about his career, his life, and questions about Ken (Flex) Wheeler.

    14. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Garrett Downing 9-19-05

    Garrett Downing, one of the nicest bodybuilders in the sport, talks about his life, his future, and questions.

    13. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Craig Titus - IFBB Fitness Pro Kelly Ryan 9-12-05

    Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan, two dynamic competitors in the sport, talk about their future, what is going on in their life, and more.

    12. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Melvin Anthony 9-05-05

    Melvin Anthony, coming off what was one of his best years in bodybuilding, talks about what he intends to do in the future, plus his upcoming contests.

    11. Flex Magazine Editor-in-Chief Peter McGough 8-29-05

    Peter McGough, the editor-in-chief of Flex Magazine, has a great deal of knowledge of the bodybuilding industry, and the happenings going on.

    10. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Victor Martinez 8-22-05

    After his victory at the 2003 Night of Champions, Victor’s life took a sharp turn. Here Victor talks about changes in his life, and his upcoming future and contests.

    9. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Troy Alves 8-15-05

    Troy Alves last year stunned everyone with his incredible physique, and this year was no difference, earning a right into the 2005 Mr. Olympia. Unfortunately, with an injury, he may not compete. Hear more from Troy on various aspects on his life, and questions and answers.

    8. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Chris Cook 8-08-05

    Chris Cook, with a new cover this month on Muscle & Fitness Magazine, talks about his upcoming pro shows, and his life as a new bodybuilding pro.

    7. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Melvin Anthony 8-01-05

    Melvin Anthony, 2005 Mr. Olympia competitors, talks about his life, his training and anything else that came to his mind.

    6. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Lee Priest 7-25-05

    Lee Priest, who will and does talk about anything, appeared on the radio show on Monday, July 25th. Lee is one of the most frank and honest competitors in the sport of bodybuilding, and is not afraid to say what he feels.

    5. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Kevin Levrone 7-18-05

    Kevin Levrone, one of the best pro bodybuilders in the 1990's, coming 2nd at the Mr. Olympia four times, and many argued he should of won the show one year. Kevin is now going after an acting career in Hollywood. Listed to more on his latest adventures.

    4.IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Darrem Charles 7-11-05

    Show #4 featured Darrem Charles, who is normally very quiet and reserved, but not today. Darrem talked about what is going on in his career, and his upcoming plans on the professional competitions and more.

    3. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro King Kamali 6-27-05

    The third episode featured special guest King Kamali! In the last episode, Shawn Raqy covered a number of topics, including his thoughts on King Kamali. At one point in the interview, Shawn used the words "one hit wonder" to describe Kamali's professional career. Listen to King Kamali and anything goes in this interesting interview.

    2. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Shawn Ray - IFBB Fitness Pro Monica Brant 6-20-05

    Hosts Dan Solomon & Bob Cicherillo welcome fitness legends Shawn Ray and Monica Brant as bodybuilding talk radio heats up. Shawn will share his thoughts on various issues surrounding the world of pro bodybuilding. Monica, who is currently on the cover of Oxygen Magazine, will discuss the growing popularity of Women’s Professional Figure competition. Talk Radio for Bodybuilding Fans has arrived!

    1. IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Dexter Jackson 6-13-05

    The inaugural episode of “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” will feature an exclusive live conversation with 2005 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion Dexter Jackson. Dexter will tackle several issues, including his surprising plans for the upcoming Mr. Olympia contest. Hosts Dan Solomon & Bob Cicherillo will also be joined by insiders from around professional bodybuilding as the sport welcomes talk radio for the first time!