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2000 NPC USA Report
August 5, 2000

    Friday afternoon. It was hot in Las Vegas, close to 110 degrees, a dry heat that when you walk out of the hotel makes you think that you are in an oven. The NPC and promoter Jon Lindsey were gracious enough to provide shuttle buses from the host hotel, the Alexis Park Resort, to the auditorium on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This was going to be the largest NPC USA show in history with 247 competitors competing in three contests, Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Bodybuilding, and Women's Fitness. The Artemus Ham Concert Hall itself is not located on a main street, making it hard to find for those who do not take the shuttle bus, or have not been there before. This Friday evening, the Men's Bodybuilding Prejudging was taking place, starting at 5:30. With 25 men in the Heavyweights, and 25 men in the Super Heavyweights, we knew it would be a long and exciting show.

    Our group arrived a litle after six o clock, and first walked into the big white tent outside the auditorium to check out some of the booths which did not make it into the hall due to lack of space. The hall itself does not have enough lobby room for more than 20-25 booths, and this year, every single booth space was sold out. In the big white tent, there were quite a few clothing booths where you can buy the latest bodybuilding and fitness fasions, and some sports nutrition booths.

    Security is tough to get into the hall, and without a ticket, you need to talk to Pam Betz, an NPC official who generally mans the entrance gate deciding who can get in without a ticket. Big bodybuilders can get pretty peeved that they were forgotten to be put on a 'comp' list, and since Pam has been doing this for a long time, she knows who is who. Pam provided me with my press pass, although it said 'television' on mine.

    Tonight Men's Prejudging was the event, and from the amount of people in the hall, it was almost sold out. I overheard many different people predicting different winners in each of the six weight classes, and with only two pro cards to give out, it made waiting for the finals Saturday night an exciting time. It was a long show this Friday evening, starting at 5:30pm, and not ending until well after 11pm.

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Pictures From The Lobby


I met some very nice people in the lobby this evening, including Heather Keckler, Ms. Arizona, in the Champion booth with Sales Manage Gus M. Both were hawking their latest wares.

Talked to Craig Titus, who married Kelly Ryan, 2000 Fitness International winner at June 6th, 2000, at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. They had eloped, and while people always talk about things can't last, Craig intends to prove everyone that Kelly and him are the real thing, madly in love! Craig is planning to do the 2001 Arnold Classic, and the 2001 Toronto Pro as his next contests, and plans to gain 10 more pounds that his previous outings. On talking about his last shows, at the 2000 Ironman, his color tone was messed up, and at the 2000 Arnold Classic, he was still learning how to get ready for a pro show. By the 2000 Toronto show, he felt he received a decent placing. You might remember that Craig had been in jail after winning his Pro card, which made for quite a while before he competed in a pro show.

Dena Doster, a beautiful fitness model was promoting ISS Researh products along with Sales Manager David Rose. She is a personal trainer who lives in West Hollywood, and seemed really down to earth, and truly nice and friendly.

At the Nutri-Sport booth, owner Jacob Frank was with IFBB Pro Fitness Charlene Rink, and Jennifer Lackie. Jacob is the owner of the main Nutri-Sport Corporation, which has over 50 stores around the United States.

The promoter of the USA show was Jon Lindsay, an ex-marine who is the NPC California representative. Jon has been staging the NPC USA shows for as long as I remember, last year the show being in Santa Monica. Jon makes the USA show run smoothly, and is an expert in promoting bodybuilding and fitness shows.

Timea Majorava was at the Iron-Tek booth. Iron-Tek was purchased by Biochem, and they have ambitious plans for the line. After her great success at the Fitness International, Timea and her longtime boyfriend Joseph Drsman, were married on July 1st, 2000, in Zeliezovce, Slovakia in a Catholic Church. They then went on their honeymoon to Crete, where the weather was hot, but the atmosphere was fun. Timea plans to compete next in the Pittsburgh Pro and then the Fitness Olympia in October.

Amy Fadhli was looking as beautiful as ever, 'Planet Muscle' magazine voting Amy has having the best glutes in town. Amy's boyfriend, Tito Raymond, was competing in tonight's show, having settled with the NPC over his participation in last year's pro Musclemania.

At the American Body Building booth, Samantha Lynn Madsen was there, handing out free samples to all. Samantha plans to do the NPC Team Universe (perhaps) and definitely the Musclemania in November in Long Beach, California. American Body Building Sales Manager Mike Fulton, also manned the booth, showing us the latest Extreme Body Bar flavor, Rocky Road.

Two middleweight competitors, Stan McQuay and Rene Endara came by to say hello. Stan won the middleweight at the 2000 California, while Rene won the middleweight at the 2000 Junior Nationals. Rene also told me that he was a model in Playboy (September 1999 issue) with a beautiful women (no, he was not nude, but she was…). Stan's first cover magazine came out last month, on a bodybuilding magazine titled 'X-ercise Files'.

At the MuscleLinc booth, Leigh Anna Ross was supposed to compete in the NPC USA, but messed up her shoulder, thus she will compete perhaps in the NPC Nationals this November.

Debbie Kruck was at the Met-Rx booth, who informed me that contrary to all of the rumors out there, she is not pregnant, she is not a lesbian, she has not had facial surgery, and she is not married nor together with Lee Apperson. She did want to inform all that she does make her and a few of her friends own outfits and costumes for the fitness shows.

At the Nutri-Peak booth, owner Alex Lasbroas, with Tanya Johnson and Raj Inamdar, showed off their latest catalog, and newest shipment boxes. Alex owns 12 sports nutrition stores in California and New York, which are called the Pro Sports Nutrition Depot stores.

Prolab brought Jeff 'Box' Long to the show. Jeff recently moved to Atlanta, and has been with Prolab for quite a while, before Natrol had purchased them. Jeff currently has no plans to diet down to do another pro show at the moment, preferring to do 30 appearances a year promoting Prolab at different cities.

Denise Masino was at the Muscle Elegance booth, promoting her 10th magazine issue, and her latest videos. Denise currently plans to compete in the 2001 Ms. International. In talking about her magazine, Denise said that it has been a long, hard, and heavily invested venture into making it work, starting from the first black and white issue, which was basically a glorified catalog featuring Denise. The fans wanted more, with more people, and the magazine was born. Currently, the magazine seeks a balance between fitness and female bodybuilders in their pictorials.

Vince Taylor just won his 21st IFBB pro show at the Master's Olympia, and is very happy promoting Bodyonics Pinnacle here at the NPC USA. Vince is one person you can count on to be very cordial to all, happily posing for everyone who wishes to take a picture with him.

Sherry Goggin-Giardina was also at the Bodyonics Pinnacle booth, comfortably resting during one of the slow periods in the hall while everybody was watching the contest. Lately, Sherry has been going from city to city promoting the products, and her latest magazine cover was just last month in the 'X-cercise Files', with Stan McQuay.

The huge Paul Dillett came to town, weighing close to 300 pounds, to watch and support his friend Rico McClinton in the Super Heavyweights. Paul always draws fans wherever he is and he always polite to the myriad's of women who just want to say hello.

Dorian Yates came to town to promote his 'Dorian Yates Approved' line. Nowadays, Dorian is a much slimmer person than he was when he was Mr. Olympia, and if you have not seen him since then, it is quite startling. Still, Dorian is a past champion, and harbors great respect to all who come and say hello to him.