1997 Olympia: Flex Wheeler

Flex was the talk of the Olympia has many people learned that he has withdrawn from the greatest bodybuilding show of the year. There was disappointment and questions as to why he did not participate. That was answered by Flex himself during the Thursday afternoon press conference when he explain that he was car-jacked by two thieves, whom he fought, and scared off, but not before he had taken on some bruises and damages to his arm. Shown here is Flex with that bandaged arm during the Olympia Expo.

During the evening show, Flex went on stage to denounce the rumors that 'people' were saying about him. That he chickened out because he thought he would not place; that he faked the whole incident; that he planned in all along. He angrily complained to everyone that he had to go to the hospital twice, and it was dangerous for him to compete via his training or dieting for fear of aggravating his injuries. 'The carjacking is what happened, that is how I got my injuries, and if you do not believe me, that is too bad'. But Flex did swear to the audience that because of this, he will compete in the Ironman Pro 98, the Arnold Classic 98, the San Jose Classic 98, and the Olympia 98, and guaranteed that he will win all four shows! Good luck!