Getbig2006 Muscle Beach Venice
on Labor Day Pictures

2006 Muscle Beach Venice - Labor Day Contes
Honoring Joe Weider - special guest Arnold Schwarzenneger
September 4, 2006

The crowd was ready on this hot sunny day.

The stage looked good too.

There were cute people everywhere

Roland Kickinger, Lynn Conkwright, and Bob Cicherillo

Lauren Powers was out there

Peter McGough, in front of him is Betty Weider

Lots of people waiting for the show to begin

When Arnold comes in, he gets mobbed by people

Arnold is sitting right next to Joe Weider

Honoring the military and the flag

Some of the figure competitors

Some of the men's bodybuilding competitors

Joe Wheatley, the promoter and organizer of the event

Arnold says hello to eweryone

Makes sure everyone knows we are here to honor Joe Weider

I am committed to bodybuilding!

Joe Wheatley and others look on

Franco Columbo, Joe Weider and Arnold

All right!

The special award to Joe Weider

Joe, Betty and Arnold