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2005 NPC Excalibur Los Angeles Misc Pics
December 3, 2005

2005 NPC Excalibur Overall Winners

One of the figure classes

The view of the stage from afar

One of the men's classes

Final Men's Showdown

John Lindsay with the winner Quentin 'Q' Pollen

Congratulations to Q

Q strikes a pose

Q backstage quite happy

Flex Wheeler is in the house

Bob Cicherillo with Tosha and Valentina Chepiga

Abbas with a friend at the Pro Fight booth

Erik Bui getting ready for the 2006 Ironman

Kim Chambers & a friend

Idrise Ward-El can't resist Kim

Stan McQuay with a friend

The Fit Show's creative team

Jon Lindsay happy this evening!

Brenda & Nicole looking fine

Daddy's little girl cherring for her Daddy!

This will help me with my next contest

Idrise with a friend

Backstage at the contest

Paco Hernandez at the Gaspari booth

The CytoSport Muscle Milk girl

The Vyotech Booth

John and a friend at the Vyotech booth

Daysi Rippon having fun

Ironman's Jerry Frederick taking his Hot Shots