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2003 Arnold Classic Notes
by Ron Avidan, March 2003

  • The Arnold Classic 2003

    • As we got into Columbus, Ohio, Flex Wheeler was the big news in the men's bodybuilding event as Flex had pulled out three days before the event started due to illness that required Flex to be hospitalized. Also news was that Bacteria Television, who had the rights for the television, video and DVD of the competitions, had also, due to various reasons, was not going to be there, leaving Shawn Ray, Joe Amato and Carol Semple, the people who were going to host the shows for them, out of a job for the weekend. Clint Richards and Lonnie Teper were still the emcees of the show, as this had nothing to do with the actual emceeing of the competitions.

    • Other news included info about the bodybuilding union meeting, that was being set up by Bob Cicherillo and others, for Friday night after the female competitions, at the Athletes Room at the Doubletree Hotel. The purpose of the meeting was to meet and discuss various issues that were of concern to the athletes.

    • This year marked the first year of the IFBB Pro Figure division, and the Arnold Classic weekend marked the historic first pro show. While many still do not understand exactly how the pro figure competition is judged, or if it is more than just a beauty contest, the IFBB has embraced it, and so must we. The first contest featured a fight between the highly favorite Monica Brant, and Davana Medina and Jenny Lynn. In the end, Jenny Lynn won both rounds, and become the first pro figure competitor to win a show! Congratulations Jenny.

    • In the Fitness International, Adela Freidmansky took round one, Kelly Ryan took round two and three, and Susie Curry round four, but at the end, the best overall score went again to Susie Curry, Susie winning her third Fitness International, and her second in a row. What was surprising to many was that Adela came in strong, coming in two points over Kelly Ryan, who came in third, much to her dismay. These three were the power competitors of the show, and the competition was definately fun to watch. Jenny Worth, last year's second place finisher, did not compete, as Jenny is planning on taking time off and competing in the Fitness Olympia.

    • In the Ms. International, Cathy LeFrancois Priest got her much deserved first place win in the Lightweight division over the same foes she battled last year in this show, as she improved her form and physique. But Yaxeni Oriquen, in the heavyweight division, won the overall for the second time in a row.

    • At the Arnold Classic, everybody was expecting Jay Cutler to win the show, and Jay did not disappoint them, outclassing everybody easily. What was the battle was for second place, with Markus Ruhl looking at his best showing ever, absolutely massive. But Chris Cormier looked great, with the same symmetry and physique that keeps him in the top each year. Chris took second, Markus took third. Dexter Jackson proved he was a world class bodybuilder with fourth place, with Kevin Levrone a disappointed fifth.

  • Men's Bodybuilding Call-outs: Round One

    1. Kevin Levrone - Jay Cutler - Chris Cormier
    2. Dexter Jackson - Jay Cutler - Chris Cormier
    3. Markus Ruhl - Jay Cutler - Kevin Levrone
    4. Dexter Jackson - Quincy Taylor - Kevin Levrone
    5. Dexter Jackson - Melvin Anthony - Kevin Levrone
    6. Dexter Jackson - Darrem Charles - Ahmad Haidar
    7. Markus Ruhl - Chris Cormier - Quincy Taylor
    8. Melvin Anthony - Dexter Jackson - Ahmad Haidar
    9. Quincy Taylor - J.D. Dawodu - Ahmad Haidar
    10. Dexter Jackson - Chris Cormier - Darrem Charles
    11. Troy Alves - Melvin Anthony - J.D. Dawodu
    12. Tommi Thorvildsen - Eddie Abbew - J.D. Dawodu
    13. Tommi Thorvildsen - Eddie Abbew - Stan McCrary
    14. Jay Cutler - Chris Cormier
    15. Dexter Jackson - Kevin Levrone
    16. Dexter Jackson - Chris Cormier - Kevin Levrone
    17. Dexter Jackson - Jay Cutler - Kevin Levrone
    18. Dexter Jackson - Markus Ruhl - Kevin Levrone

  • Men's Bodybuilding Call-outs: Round Two

    1. Chris Cormier - Jay Cutler - Markus Ruhl
    2. Chris Cormier - Dexter Jackson - Kevin Levrone
    3. Ahmad Haidar - Quincy Taylor - Darrem Charles
    4. Ahmad Haidar - Melvin Anthony - Darrem Charles
    5. Troy Alves - Melvin Anthony - Darrem Charles
    6. Troy Alves - Quincy Taylor - J.D. Dawodu
    7. Stan McCrary - Tommi Thorvildsen - Eddie Abbew
    8. Chris Cormier - Jay Cutler
    9. Chris Cormier - Markus Ruhl
    10. Jay Cutler - Markus Ruhl

  • Pro Fitness Call-outs: Round One

    1. Adela Friedmansky - Susie Curry - Anna Level
    2. Kelly Ryan - Anna Level - Stacy Hylton
    3. Kelly Ryan - Tracey Greenwood - Stacy Hylton
    4. Amanda Doherty - Shannon Meteraud - Stacy Simons
    5. Amanda Doherty - Jennifer Henderschott - Stacy Simons
    6. Tracey Greenwood - Jennifer Henderschott - Kelly Ryan
    7. Nicole Rollolazo - Laura Mak - Lisa Reed
    8. Laurie Vaniman - Laura Mak - Lisa Reed
    9. Tracey Greenwood - Shannon Meteraud - Kelly Ryan

  • Pro Figure Call-outs: Round One

    1. Davana Medina - Jenny Lynn - Monica Brant
    2. Kristy Robbins - Jenny Lynn - Monica Brant
    3. Kristy Robbins - Mari Kudla - Monica Brant
    4. Kristy Robbins - Elaine Goodlad - Davana Medina
    5. Kristy Robbins - Mari Kudla - Davana Medina
    6. Jamie Franklin - Jenny Lynn - Davana Medina
    7. Mari Kudla - Jamie Franklin - Elaine Goodlad
    8. Mari Kudla - Monica Brant - Kristy Robbins
    9. Patty Gardner - Lesli Russell - Sharon Christian
    10. Adrian Chastian - Lena Johannesen - Renee Masi

  • Pro Women's Lightweight Bodybuilding Call-outs: Round One

    1. Karina Nascimento - Cathy LeFrancois Priest - Fanny Barrios
    2. Dayana Cadeau - Valentina Chepiga - Fanny Barrios
    3. Dayana Cadeau - Denise Masino - Fanny Barrios
    4. Cathy LeFrancois Priest - Valentina Chepiga - Fanny Barrios
    5. Cathy LeFrancois Priest - Valentina Chepiga - Nancy Lewis
    6. Karina Nascimento - Dayana Cadeau - Denise Masino
    7. Mah Ann Mendoza - Angela DeBatin - Nancy Lewis
    8. Yaz Boyum - Angela DeBatin - Nancy Lewis
    9. Denise Masino - Angela DeBatin - Cathy LeFrancois Priest
    10. Fanny Barrios - Denise Masino - Karina Nascimento

  • Pro Women's Heavyweight Bodybuilding Call-outs: Round One

    1. Vicky Gates - Yaxeni Oriquen - Betty Pariso
    2. Vicky Gates - Brenda Raganot - Betty Pariso
    3. Gayle Moher - Kim Harris - Heather Foster
    4. Gayle Moher - Lisa Aukland - Heather Foster