Flex Wheeler

Ken 'Flex' Wheeler had something to prove! One week earlier, he had lost the contest to Chris Cormier, and people were wondering if he had won his last contest. They were wrong! Flex, determined to show everyone why is is one of the premier bodybuilders, won the 2000 Arnold Classic in a hard fought contest. Flex had to feel good, his wife giving birth to his daughter a week and a half before this contest. This picture is taken just before prejudging begins.

Flex is 34 years old and is known to have some of the best genetics in the bodybuilding world. Flex is 6 foot high and will weigh approxiamately 245 pounds. Flex is quieter than most bodybuilders, and while some assume Flex is arrogant, Flex insists that he is just shy. This picture is taken during the evening show.

Flex greeting his fans at the Arnold Expo at the Biochem booth.