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March/April 2001

The definitive voice in anti-aging and promoting the benefits of self-managed natural health, Total Health is for longevity. This issue has 80 pages.

March/April 2001
Volume 23, #2


  • Fluoride
    The shocking truth

  • Cristina Ferrare
    Family First

  • Cabbage?
    Can a cabbage a day keep cancer away?

  • The Future is Now
    A new model for healthcare.

  • Saliva Testing
    Remarkable insights into health and disease are offered through the analysis of saliva.

  • Meditation is Anti-Aging Medicine
    Turn back the clock naturally.

  • Carnitine Update
    by Robert Crayhorn

  • Asthma
    More than a bad hair day

  • Autoimmunity
    The horror autotoxicus

  • What is MSM?
    By Ronald M. Lawrence

  • COQ10
    For anti aging and a healthy heart.

  • Reducing Total Toxic Lead
    Activated ceramic laundry clean ing capsules.

  • Turn Back the Clock
    With Nature's new fountain of youth.

  • Fat in the Diet?
    How to retain the 'good' fats and avoid the 'bad'.

  • Bone Health
    By Dallas Cloutre

  • Diabetes
    Diabetes is on the rise

  • 21st Century Probiotics
    By Ann Louise Gittleman

  • Adventrx
    Joing Health, an Arthritis Breakthrough

  • The Right Vitamin E