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November / December 2000

Strive Magazine used to be Health & Fitness Journal, and this issue is the first with the new name change. This is a magazine that is truly about a lifestyle, rather than only about restrictive definitions of 'health' and 'fitness'. Strive is about your passion and commitment for a full, healthy, interesting and meaningful life. On the cover is Kelly Nau.

November / December 2000


  • Solving the Weight Loss Puzzle
    Researchers now beleive you may be able to lose as much as four pounds a week without living in a gym, starving yourself, or taking dangerous drugs.

  • Eat To Beat Holiday Stress
    Does the though of family turkey dinners, the annual office party and fighting your way through the mall send your blood pressure soaring? This eating plan can help you ease your way through stressful challenges with healing food choices.

  • Finding Your Holiday Spirit
    If you are feeling 'bah humbug' about the holiday, you may be missing the real meaning of the season. Rediscover your holiday spirit in these stories of how real people turn the commercial frenzy of the year into a person ally satisfying journey.

  • What To Do When You Are Feeling Fat
    You know the feeling - you look into the mirror and you imagine 'The Blob' starting back at you. Here is how to fight back the feeling on these 'fat' days.

Active Living & Adventure

  • Active Living
    Adventure Fast Track

  • Getting Saucy with Salsa
    You don't have to be a great dancer to do the grind.

  • Find It, Feel It, Move It
    Introducing the graceful new Muscle Ballet workout.

  • Sports Medicine Q&A
    How to avoid injury on the slopes.

Health, Beauty & Wellness

  • Health, Beauty & Wellness
    Fast track

  • Don't Sweat It
    Everything you need to know about nature's way of cooling us off.

  • Sex, Lies and Love
    Your relationship questions answered.

  • Should You Consider Cosmetic Surgery?
    A plastic surgeons speaks candidly how to decide if cosmetic surgery is really the answer for you.

Lifestyle & Spirit

  • Lifestyle
    And Spirit Fast Track

  • Juice Up Your Creativity
    Get inspired to make a powerful creativity connection.

  • Success Coaching
    Are you working more and enjoying lige less?

Nutrition, Food & Supplements

  • Nutrition, Food and Supplements
    The Fast Track

  • Natural Mind Boosters
    The right supplements just might improve your frame of mind.

  • Chew on This
    A mealtime secret weapon may help you eat less and absorb more.

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