Status Fitness Magazine
Fall 2007
Issue #3

Table of Contents

Status Fitness Magazine, also covers bodybuilding, health and lifestyle. Cover price is $5.95 USA, and $6.95 Canadian. On the cover is Vernon Davis and Jamie Eason. Cover photographer is by Walt Ostarly. Issue #3 is the Olympia issue.

Status Fitness Magazine is located at 4580 Pendlebury Road, Richmond, BC V7E 1E7. Website is at Rodney Jang is the Editor-in-Chief. Naveed Shaikh is the VP of Marketing. Ocean Bloom is the Editorial Manager. David Ford is the Associate Editor. Evita Russell is the Director of Media Relations. Jeff Hammond is the Editorial Editor. Alex Gonzales is the Advertising Manager in the USA. Zory Mizuyabu is the Advertising Manager in Canada.