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    #1 January 2001
    #2 June 2001
    #3 January 2002
    #4 September 2002
    #5 Spring 2003
    #6 June 2003

    Updated: January 2004

    Publisher byAdvanced Nutritional Biosystems
    Executive Editor
    Sia-Mach Alavi
    Rafael Reyes
    Circulation DirectorKathie Mewhorter
    Circulation ConsultantMichael Cruz
    Creative DirectorShana Stephenson
    Image WizardRicardo Bernardino
    Tentara Digital Inc.
    Contributing EditorsSamantha Bedoya
    David Brickle
    Michael Cruz
    Clay Hyght
    Brandon Mazer
    Breanne McCardle
    Matthew Tully
    Michael Wall
    Contributing WritersDavid Brickle
    Evan Garvy
    Alan Grimes
    Clay Hyght
    Michelle Sharp Hyght
    Deb Knapp
    Ivan Lupis
    Yemeni Mesa
    Colette Nelson
    Dave Palumbo
    Joe Palumbo
    Gary Sheppard
    Contributing PhotographersRicardo Bernardini
    Jason Mathas
    Kevin Roberts
    Editorial Offices8034 Sunport Drive #1401
    Orlando, Florida 32809
    (407) 447-1610

    Notes 2002: The magazine is copyrighted by Advanced Nutritional Biosystems. Executive editor is Sia-Mack Alavi. Editor in Chief is Antonio Garcia. Production Editor is Rafael Reyes. Managing Editor is Wendell Santiago. Founder and International Editor is Zsolt Bengyel.

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