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Welcome to Pump Magazine. You are witnessing the birth of what will become one of the top publications in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. PUMP Magazine provides a most unique insight into bodybuilding, not available anywhere else. We are not reinventing the wheel, but we are customizing it. The term 'cutting edge' should embody trend setting, innovating, and always staying one step ahead of everyone else. We consider ourselves the 'training and supplementation authority' of the magazines.

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Information on Pump Magazine:
Updated: June 2000

PublisherJDC Publishing
Executive EditorJohn Cribbs
Editor-in-ChiefJason Mathas
Art DirectorVincent 'VG' Mao
Editorial AssistantsEllen Berblinger
Lynda Cribbs
Jennifer Gallant
Erika Gonzales
Dave McAuliff
Mandy Patterson
Contributing EditorsPaul Borresen
Bill Brooks
Johhny R Frost
Brian Johnson
Mike Matthews
Stuart McRobert
"Royd" Ragers
Graphics DesignersKurt Otto
Ben Stier
PhotographersAlex Ardenti
Troy Armenta
Ralph DeHaan
Ricardo Marconi
Jason Mathas
Mitsuru Okabe
Rick Schaff
Jerry Grabowski
Michael Stycket
AdvertisingTel: (858) 490-8600 Ext 105
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DistributorPriscilla Edwards
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Pump Magazine is published by JDC Publishing, 4903 Morena Blvd #1202, San Diego, CA 92117. U.S. Subscriptions: 12 issues $59.88, Canadian Subscriptions: 12 issues $113.88 (US Funds only), Subscriptions outside the U.S. and Canada: 12 issues $143.88 (US Funds only), California residents add 7.75% sales tax. For subscription information, call (800) 861-7060 ext 105.