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2000 Annual

Powerhouse Magazine is available at Powerhouse Gyms, and feature various news and events about Powerhouse, and it's people. This issue is the 2000 Annual issue!

2000 Annual - Table of Contents


  • Bodybuilding's Pioneer Leroy Colbert
    The first black man to grace the cover of a bodybuilding magazine.

  • Power Karate
    Mike Reeves is a little different that your average Powerhouse Gym owner. A martial artist instead of a bodybuilder, he holds five world titles from the ISKA, two Guinness Book World Records and has won numerous championships in tournaments around the world.

  • Lifelong Fitness
    How to look great at any age, by Bob Delmonteque, including Bob Delmonteque's 14 Diet Commandments.

  • Images
    Breast Enhancement. The decisions involved and what you need to know.

  • Natural Approach
    The unexplored properties of GBL. Interview with Dr. Farley, whose research is novel and demonstrates that there are clearly many unexplored properties and benefits of GBL.

  • Fit Lifestyle
    Fitstyles offers workout program, nutritional programs, and other benefits.

  • From the Lab
    Nutritional strategies to lose fat and gain muscle.

  • Partners for Life
    Doctors Vivian and Thomas Hobbs, Powerhouse Gym owners in St. Louis, Missouri, and St. Peters, Missouri.

  • Freestyle
    Lunge circuits. How to keep your Freestyle lunging program exciting and effective.

  • PH Chile
    About the growth of Powerhouse Gyms in Chili.

  • Downtown Detroit
    It is a mixture of super high tech and down home, in your face bodybuilding. It's an experiment gone mad. About the new Powerhouse Gym in Downtown Detroit.

  • Runner's Corner
    How to monitor your aerobic training.

  • Women Only
    How much is too much? By Dr. Chris Lydon.

  • Massage Therapy
    Why not pamper yourself with a medical edge.

  • Personal Edge
    Soy protein and sports performance.
Special Interest

  • Galaxy Finals
    Galaxy Nova International. The Galaxy is composed of two divisions: swimwear and the obstacle course. Mocha Lee was the winner; Rebecca Cash won the swimwear round; Kristy Lees on the Obstacle course; and Yianni McCoy was the men's winner.

  • PH Convention
    The 11th annual Powerhouse Convention, on Friday, October 22, 1999 in the ballroom of the Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • PH Fashion
    The Spring 2000 line of sweatshirt, sweatpants, and other fashion apparel.

  • Vendor Profiles
    Including Reebok, Precor, Iron Grip, Club Systems, HEX, Nationwide ATM, ClubCom, Star Trac, and more.

  • Preferred Vendor
    The following are companies that have been invited as Preferred Vendors and recommended suppliers.

  • Dabish Report
    Norman and Will Dabish talk about their goal of 300 gyms, and other goals.

  • Power Flash
    Venice News. The renovation of the pro show came together with lifelong friends.

  • Spotlight
    Louisville resident on her way to the Galaxy Nova finals. Spotlight on Stephanie Jones.

  • American Athlete
    Paul LoDuca's Major League Workout, in cluding Pre-Season Training, Mid-Season Training, Post-Season Training, and Nutritional Plan.

  • Showcase
    Including Saginaw, Texas; LaCrosse, Wisconsin; Apopka, Florida; Fountain Valley, California; Salibuey, Maryland.

  • Changes
    To get a groove, you got to move! By Kerry LeBleu.

  • Power Profile
    Monk of Mass. Robert is the co-owner of the Frazer Powerhouse Gym. Also, Blast of Air, Ryan Templeton's artistic talents.

  • Grand Opening
    Powerhouse Gym in Fullerton, California is soon to be heralded as the new 'Mecca of Bodybuilding'. The grand opening was November 13, 1999.