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Mind & Muscle Power is the health and fitness magazine for all men: from beginner to competitive bodybuilder. It is the only magazine to take a holistic, interconnected approach to health and strength - without forgetting the importance of looking great. We present the controversial opinions that other magazines shy away from, while also passing along the scientifically documented facts. And we haven't forgotten that we all have vices. If you are a man, then you will need Mind & Muscle Power. It is about strength, it is about potency.

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January 2000

Information on Power Mind & Muscle Magazine
Updated: January 2000

What is this magazine all about? Ori Hofmekler, editor in chief, wrote about it in the premier issue of the magazine.

Power is the amount of force that an object can generate in space and time. Without power, there would not be any life. The idea of power is intriguing, but the big question is: What is the meaning of human power? What makes us, as humans, differnt from any other living thing or object that can generate force?

In my opinion, what makes a human being special is his ability to make a choice between different force. It is our ability to choose that is the foundation of the concept of freedom, and freedom is perhaps the ultimate human concept. Freedom is the power to be in control of one's life forces; without freedom, there is no profound meaning to human existence.

And yet, how many people in this world are free? And what are these force of life? There are two basic instincts on our core level as human beings: 1) The instinct to survive, and 2) the instinct to multiply. These two instincts are bound together and dictate behavior - whether you are aware of it or not. While other objects generate forces, these are the forces that generate you. These are the major forces of your life.

You can probably see where I am heading... it's all about understanding who you are and discovering the truth about your deepest instincts and desires, the core of your nature.

Understanding the science behind your body and mind, the working of your muscles, potency, libido, diet and nutrition is the key to unlocking your core nature and getting you on the road toward personal freedom. And eventually, it's about your self image, the image your work so hard to build throughout your life.

Whether you are a completely health conscious person or a compulsive smoker; a bodybuilder or totally sedentary individual; there's always something to learn that will take you to the next level of personal power. If you find that your fitness level is going downhill, you can at least learn to understand why and begin to reverse the trend.

From the bottom, there is only one way to go - up, and from the top, yes, you can still go higher. Freedom and power. The choice is yours. That is what this magazine is all about.

Publisher / Editor in ChiefOri Hofmenkler
EditorAlan J. Paul
Muscle & Fitness EditorGerard Dente
Senior EditorTim Patterson
Nutrition / Science EditorDr. A. Scott Connelly
Contributing EditorT.C. Luoma
Contributing WritersNatasha Allen=Hawley
Pat Arnold
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