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March 2006

Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle, whose logo is Building Bigger Bodies Faster, and covers steroid and non steroids training, bodybuilding, Olympic and Power Lifting, sports training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and all aspects of fitness training. We give you real, honest information on nutrition, drugs and supplements, which have efficacy and which are useless. On the cover is Timea Majorova.

March 2006 - Table of Contents


  • Winning is Everything
    Find out why Richard Gaspari went from Mr. Nothing to Mr. Everything

  • Sets and Reps
    Jeff Everson takes you from muscle to crime to toilets to medicine to Viraloid

  • Mass Compendium
    To be the biggest, strongest guy, you must do the biggest ,strongest exercises.

  • Long Live The King!
    The old creatine is weakened. The new strongest creatine king is Kre-Alkalyn EFX.

  • For Better Biceps - the Rep is Everything
    If you want big and rock hard arms, you better find the best angle.

  • The Holy Grail: Growing Muscle & Losing Fat
    Zero tolerance and hyper metabolic training.

  • Hblocker Builds Muscle
    iSatori's new science for recovery and growth.

  • Abdominal Bible
    The Genesis to Revelations of abs

  • Nitric Oxide
    A doctor tells you the real reason why BSN has the ost popular supplement in the world.

  • Fitbods (hottest bikini issue ever)
    Keep your heating bills low this winter with our sizzling hot babes of iron!

  • Planet's Primo Product
    All about Thermolife's new Zappetite

  • The Strongest Workout
    How intelligent periodization can build you more strength and size than you ever imagined!

  • Titan Tribulus
    Drive your testosterone through the roof and build muscle without drugs.

  • 10 Maxiums to Muscle
    The best certification group in the world, the PTA, tells you how to really build muscle

  • Muscle, Beauty, Sexuality
    Covergirl Timea Majorova meets 'Sugarcone' Amy Peters.

  • Huge Muscle Pumps
    The new TRAC pumps you to new muscularity.

  • Trainers Muscle Forum
    10 ways to make exercise harder and more productive

  • USC Football
    2 Heisman winners, 34 wins in a row. How the Trojans build strength, size and power.

  • Monster Workout and Super Supplements
    Dr. sets Guinness World Record. Develop amazing endurance and strength.

  • World's Strongest Men
    Giants of strength invade muscle beach.

  • Blue Ribbons
    Planet Muscle's certified and tested top bodybuilding products.