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March 2003

Physical Magazine's tag line is 'high energy, sports nutrition'. The magazine's timely information will help you make decisions regarding how you are living 'The Physical Lifestyle'. This month's cover features Arnold Schwarzenegger.

March 2003
Table of Contents
Volume 6, Issue 3


  • Ultimate Beach Body
    Summer's coming, and this 12 week body shaping program will get you ready to hit the beach in your best shape ever.

  • 2002 GNC Show
    The first annual GNC Show of Strength in New Orleans last November was a huge success. Check out the highlights.

  • 8 Ways To Boost Your Motivation
    Here are eight positive steps you can take to max your motivation and increase your workout gains.

  • Carb Loading
    Athletes need the maximum amount of glycogen in their muscle cells for increased performance, shape, strength and endurance. Here's how to load up on carbs without hassle or stress?


  • Graffiti
    Body Chem 101; Spotlight on Paul Martin; The Expert Column: 5-HTP; Lab Insider; Special Interview: Arnold;

  • The Doctor Is In
    Medical Q&As for the Physical Lifestyle.

  • Physical Girl
    March 2003 Physical Girl Amy Fadhli

  • Herb Gallery
    Chocolate: The 'feel good' food

  • Cutting Edge
    Insiders Report: What's new in sports nutrition and gear.

  • Personal Trainer
    Training Q&As to put your workout progress in overdrive.