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Peak Training Journal's motto is 'the ultimate source of hardcore bodybuilding'. This magazine features articles that supposedly contain hardcore information about training, supplements, and other controversial issues; items that the more popular magazines will not touch. This magazine is definitely not for everyone, but if you are a serious training machine, this most likely will peak your interest.

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Updated: March 1999

Publishing EditorSteve Colescott
PreisdentMichael Karder
Managing EditorRobert Fortney
Research EditorLonnie Lowery, PhD
Graphic DesignMary E. Joseph
Malavanh Herhold
Office StaffDave Devore
IllustrationJerry Beck

Contributing AuthorsSteve Colescott
John DeFendis
Robert Fortney
Lonnie Lowery, PhD
Lyle McDonald, BS
Jeff McCarrell, BS
Rob Mendel, PhD
Michael Mooney
Bill Robert, PhD
Michael Ruggiero, MD
Oliver Starr
David Tate
PhotographersGary Bartlett
John Butler
Steve Colescott
Jon DeVaul
Dave Devore
Bob Gruskin
Dave Liberman

Peak Training Journal is published quarterly by Peak Training Services Inc., P.O. Bo 1429, Stow, OH 44224-0429.