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June 2002

Robert Kennedy's Oxygen Magazine, is entirely devoted to women's fitness. It is totally committed to making Oxygen the most helpful, valuable, informative and entertaining women's fitness publication on the planet. Oxygen promises to tell the truth about women's fitness, which means it cannot happen overnight. A perfect body comes from serious sweat with serious nutrition. This month's cover features Trish Stratus.

June 2002
Table of Contents
Issue #34


  • Carb Control
    Lose weight, control your appetite and improve your sports performance by learning to manage your glycemic index.

  • Fresh Catch
    Seven fish entrees to add protein and zing to your diet.

  • Recipes for Success
    Cynthia Bridges


  • Old School Training
    Kelly Ryan's pushup technique.

  • Winning Legs
    Adela Freidmansky dishes out a lower body routine that's sure to deliver top 10 results.

  • Pec-Ture Perfect
    Natalie Hunt's tips for sculpting the perfect pecs.

  • Power That Pops
    Specialized strength training to power up your moves and your physique.

  • Seeing Double
    How fitness twins shape up twice as nice in half the time.

  • Resolve to Evolve
    Workout stale? Timea Majorova brings your workout back to par.

  • Split Decision
    Circuit or split training: They both have their advantages, but the time has come to decide which is best for you?

  • The Fast and the Furious
    How to run faster, stretch further and jump higher.

  • Bodybuilding Basics
    Seated Knee Ups

Fashion & Beauty

  • Beauty Watch
    Skincare, haircare, makeup tips and tidbits. Beauty Q&A with Nancy Jombazian, makeup artist to the fitness stars.

  • Dancing in the Light
    Flexible fabrics and hip looks will make you the star of your class.

  • Surgery Secrets
    Will eating healthy and working out get you the body you desire? Or is plastic surgery the answer?


  • Body Watch
    Health, fitness and nutrition news. Video, book and Web reviews. Doing It Right. Health Bites, Neat Stuff and Babe Watch.

Motivation / Profiles

  • Work in Progress
    Karen Brandon

  • Total Package
    Marion Codgon

  • Trish on Top
    WWF Superstar Trish Stratus proves there's life after fitness modeling. You just need to recognize the opportunity and go for it.

  • Pro's Point Of View
    What's your key to managing stress?

  • Snap Shot
    Federica Belli

  • Future Of Fitness
    Oxygen spotlights the stars of tomorrow.

  • Snap Shot
    Cynthia Berkley-Davey.

Contests / Sports Updates

  • On Any Given Sunday
    Carol Ann Weber geared up to become a California Quake for a day. Here's her take on football camaraderie, fumbles, passes and pain.

  • Budapest Pro Show
    Laura Mak reports on the European pro show that took place in Budapest, Hungary last November.

  • Altea European Show
    Skovakia's Katarina Brinska takes the title.

  • Contest Calendar
    What is going down on the competition front.

Q&A With...

  • Vicky Pratt
    Better body training tips.

  • Monica Brant
    Your guide to a fit physique

  • Susie Curry
    The champ's winning strategies

  • Marla Duncan
    Meeting mom's special needs.

In Every Issue

  • Hot Air
    By Pamela Conttrell

  • Blab!
    Gossip, news, views and schmooze.

  • Contributors
    Including Rick Schaff, Elisa Kronish, Kames Raia, and Cung Le.

  • Exhale

  • Letters
    Letters from the Readers.