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April 2002

Robert Kennedy's Oxygen Magazine, is entirely devoted to women's fitness. It is totally committed to making Oxygen the most helpful, valuable, informative and entertaining women's fitness publication on the planet. Oxygen promises to tell the truth about women's fitness, which means it cannot happen overnight. A perfect body comes from serious sweat with serious nutrition. This month's cover features Katie Uter.

April 2002
Table of Contents
Issue #32


  • Protein in a Bean
    How to get the protein you need through a vegetarian diet.

  • Eat Right For Your Body Type
    How to pick the perfect diet for your goals and body type.

  • Spring Diet Clean Up
    21 simple strategies that will save thousands of calories each year.

  • Cooking Corner
    Blue Crab Stuffed Prawns

  • Recipes For Success
    Cynthia Ekman


  • From Soft to Sensational
    Sylvia Tremblay talks about weight loss, weight training and the weights she used to develop a feminine, muscled chest.

  • Orbanic Chemistry
    Quad training made easy.

  • Not So Ordinary Abs
    Six pack solutions for a super taut tummy.

  • In The Heat of the Moment
    Yoga + Extreme Heat = Increased flexibility, muscle tone and weight loss.

  • Resolve To Evolve
    Workout stale? Fitness star Mia Finnegan shows how one change can make all the difference.

  • Evolution
    How working out has evolved in Hollywood.

  • All The Right Moves
    IFBB Fitness pro Jenny Hendershott shares how to shoot to the top of your class with dominating strength and flexibility moves.

  • Bodybuilding Basics
    Cable Rows

Fashion & Beauty

  • Beauty Watch
    Skincare, haircare, makeup tips and tidbits. Beauty Q&A with Nancy Jambazian, makeup artist to the fitness stars.

  • Short and Sweet
    From the smooth to the sultry, sports bras and shorts are making strong statements in the gym.

  • Unlock Your Locks
    How to influence your friends, lover or boss by getting hair smart.

  • Vanishing Act
    Banishing varicose and spider veins for good.


  • Body Watch
    Health, fitness and nutrition news. Video, book and Web reviews. Doing It Right, Health Bites, Neat Stuff and Babe Watch.

  • Feeling F.A.T.
    Female Athlete Triad can sneak up on seemingly healthy sportswomen. Here is how to tell if you are at risk.


  • Banish The Workout Blues
    Kelly James-Enger shows how to get and stay motivated.

  • Total Package
    Francisca Dennis

  • Work In Progress
    Sue Webb

  • Pro's Point Of View
    If you could have any figure in the world, whose would it be?

  • Snap Shot
    Mona Beaulieu

  • Future Of Fitness
    Oxygen spotlights the stars of tomorrow.

  • Craven's Top Dog
    The veterans lead the pack at the 2001 Fitness America Nationals.

  • Double Trouble
    At the 2001 Galaxy, good things like sisters and pro titles - come in two's. Oxygen Eric Sparling has the details.

  • Snap Shot
    Jennifer Cook

Q&A With...

  • Vicky Pratt
    Better body training tips.

  • Monica Brant
    Your guide to a fit physique

  • Elizabeth Sparks
    The champ's winning strategies

  • Marla Duncan
    Meeting mom's special needs.

In Every Issue

  • Hot Air
    By Pamela Conttrell

  • Blab!
    Gossip, news, views and schmooze.

  • Contributors
    Including Rick Schaff, Elisa Kronish, Kames Raia, and Cung Le.

  • Exhale

  • Letters
    Letters from the Readers.