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February 2002

Robert Kennedy's Oxygen Magazine, is entirely devoted to women's fitness. It is totally committed to making Oxygen the most helpful, valuable, informative and entertaining women's fitness publication on the planet. Oxygen promises to tell the truth about women's fitness, which means it cannot happen overnight. A perfect body comes from serious sweat with serious nutrition. This month's cover features Kristia Knowles.

February 2002
Table of Contents
Issue #30


  • Hydration 101
    Cynthia BeMent gives us the drift on proper hydration for improved performance and better health.

  • Energy To Go
    Don't just grab the first sports bar you see. Oxygen has put 40 bars to the test to see which ones make the grade.

  • Your Kitchen's Little Helpers
    Which gadgets belong in every healthy kitchen.

  • Cooking Corner
    Curried Couscous

  • Pro's Point Of View
    What five foods provide the most nutritional value?

  • Recipes For Success
    Melissa Hall


  • Belly Beautiful
    Danielle Edwards shows her top four moves for creating a super toned tummy.

  • Back it Up
    Kristia Knowles shares how she created a stellar V-taper that took her physique to new heights.

  • 2 in 1
    Celebrity trainer Michael George shows how to double up on exercises and cut your training time in half.

  • Resolve To Evolve
    Workout stale? Cynthia Ekman shows how one change can make all the difference.

  • Managing Your Assets
    Sarah Orbanic tells how to make your butt training pay off huge dividends.

  • Metabolic Body Boost
    How to keep your daily fat burn at its maximum when it's 20 below outside.

  • Sweating Hollywood Style
    How Tracy Effinger whips Renee Zellweger and Sela Ward into shape.

  • Bodybuilding Basics
    Step Ups


  • Smashing Success
    When it comes to volleyball, Olympic champ Logan Tom is a stone cold court killer.

  • Snap Shot
    Elizabeth Sparke

  • Future of Fitness

  • Work in Progress
    Tracy Howard

  • Snap Shot
    Jamie Santa-Cruz

  • Ryan's Hope
    Kelly shoots for a grand slam at the 2001 Pittsburgh Pro Show.

  • Contest Calendar
    Events for 2002

Health and Beauty

  • Body Watch
    Health, fitness and nutrition news. Video, book and web reviews. Doing it right, health bites, neat stuff, and babe watch.

  • Beauty Watch
    Skincare, haircare, makeup tips and tidbits. Beauty Q&A with Nancy Jambazian, makeup artist to the fitness stars.

  • Winterize Your Skin
    Keep a healthy glow year round with Alison Wood's skin strategies.

  • Smooth Moves
    Flexiable fabrics and cool gear to clothe you while you stretch and chill out.

  • The Big Sleep
    Getting sufficient zzz's could make the difference between excelling and just getting by. Here is how to get the sleep you need to succeed.


  • Fit Forcast
    An astrological exercise reading reveals what the stars have to say about your new year in fitness.

  • Bye Bye Blues
    Winter days don't have to mean a drop in mood or energy levels. Alison Young offers 21 steps to keep the blues at bay.

Expert Advice

  • Q&A with Monica Brant

  • Q&A with Vicky Pratt

  • Q&A with Marla Duncan

  • Q&A with Kelly Ryan

In Every Issue

  • Hot Air
    By Pamela Conttrell

  • Blab!
    Gossip, news, views and schmooze.

  • Contributors
    Including Rick Schaff, Elisa Kronish, Kames Raia, and Cung Le.

  • Letters
    Letters from the Readers.