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November 2001

Robert Kennedy's Oxygen Magazine, is entirely devoted to women's fitness. It is totally committed to making Oxygen the most helpful, valuable, informative and entertaining women's fitness publication on the planet. Oxygen promises to tell the truth about women's fitness, which means it cannot happen overnight. A perfect body comes from serious sweat with serious nutrition. This month's cover features Mia Finnegan.

November 2001
Table of Contents
Issue #27

On The Cover

  • Re-Boot
    If you are ready for action, Oxygen's Allison Young dishes the dirt on civilian bootcamps.

  • Learn Your ABC's
    Understanding the role different vitamins play will motivate you to enjoy a varied diet. Learn how to use color as your guide.

  • The Ties That Bind
    Minerals are the building blocks of our bodies. Elisa Kronish and Nancy LaPatourel explain how without them, we would fall to pieces.

  • Road Rules
    Hot on the trail for the most fitting show. Find out what to look for, what to avoid and how to care of your new runners.

  • Superwomen
    Oxygen staffer, Eric Sparling, reports on a sport that can boost your strength to heroic proportions.

  • It's About Time
    We challenge Monica Brant to test out a tough new time interval.

  • Chicken Balls or Chow Mein?
    You have passed on the bland burgers and opted to eat out ethnic style. Before you bite off more than you can chew, consult Linda Formichelli's guide to dining downtown.


  • Health Obsessed
    Does eating out fill you with fear? Joanne Rideout takes a look at the latest eating disorder - orthorexia. Could you be a victim?

  • Cooking Corner
    Steamed coriander red snapper.

  • Recipes for Success
    Quantity and quality count for Laurie Vaniman.


  • Simons Sex
    Do pull-ups if you want to boost the width and strength of your back.

  • Going Fore it
    She's tied the best score ever recorded by a man. Writer James Raia tees off with gold's leading lady, Annika Sorenstam.

  • Ride 'Em Cowgirl
    Charmayne James is the fastest woman on four legs when it comes to weaving around a trio of barrels.

  • Bodybuilding Basics
    Standing Calf Raises

  • Pro's Point of View
    Where is the first place you notice results when training?


  • Talk of the Town

  • New Faces
    Including Lesli Russell, Katie Uter

  • Work In Progress
    Noma Jewell Bellissemo surmounts emotional and physical challenges

  • Future of Fitness

  • Contest Update

Health and Beauty

  • Body Watch
    Health, Fitness & Nutrition News, including Heart News, Watch Your Back, Keep An Eye Out, Wake Up Call, and more.

  • Beauty Watch
    Skincare, Haircare, Makeup Tips, Tidbits, includinjg Problem Skin, Dark Eyes Rule, For the Fun at Heart, and more.

  • Beauty Myths
    Are all those things your mother told you never to do really true?

Expert Advice

  • Q&A With Dr. Chris Lydon

  • Q&A With Mia Finnegan

  • Q&A With Vicky Pratt

  • Q&A With Marla Duncan

  • Q&A With Mary Yockey

  • Q&A With Amy Fadhli

  • Q&A With Monica Brant

In Every Issue

  • Hot Air
    Everybody keeps telling me that change is a good thing? By Pamela Conttrell

  • Contributors
    Including Rick Schaff, Elisa Kronish, Kames Raia, and Cung Le.

  • Letters
    Including Don't Forget Boxing Sites, Unreal Additives, Liking that Ladder Thing, and more.