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March 2001

Nutrition Science News is the journal of natural products research and innovation. Published by New Hope Natural Media, it is a comprehensive and definitive information resource for businesses interested in improving the quality of health and health care through the use of foods and supplements.

March 2001 Table of Contents
Volume 6, Number 3


  • PUFAs for Bone Growth and Repair
    Many chronic inflammatory conditions interfere with the body's ability to use nutrients needed to construct healthy bone and cartilage. He polyunsaturated fatty acids lonoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid help relieve inflammation, thereby helping to increase bone formation and reduce bone resorption.

  • The Prediabetic Epidemic
    Syndrome X, characterized by insulin resistance, is a prediabetic condition gaining increased scrutiny as America's obesity rates soar. Learn how to recognize its telltale signs and mitigate its symptoms through diet and supplements.


  • Editorial

  • Natural News
    Medicare to offer nutrition therapy; Herb harvest data release; and Vegan diet relieves Fobromyalgia.

  • Beyond the Label
    Green lipped mussels ease arthritis; Phosphatidylserine is brain power; and Aching joints improve with Glucosamine.

  • Nutrient News Makers
    Vitamin E 2000

  • Sports Science
    Ribose Recovery

  • Ad Index

  • At the Counter
    Melatonin weans benzodiazepine users; Niacin benefits diabetics' and Understanding NAC and Glutathione.

  • Last Word
    Debunking the placebo effect; Synthetic folate tops natural; and Pomegranante's antioxidant punch.