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October 2002

Natural Muscle Magazine started in Florida, and caters primarily to the Florida region, although California and Texas have been receiving some of the magazines in different outlets. It focuses on the natural athletes, the ANBC, and other natural organizations. On the cover is Brenda Kelly.

October 2002 - Table of Contents


  • Training Q&A
    Questions include About Omega 3 Fatty Acids; Training Your Quads and Hamstrings; Obsessed with Working Out;

  • In Shape with Sherry Goggin
    Working Out Outside

  • Tools and Rules
    Brenda Kelly's answers how she always look so flawlessly bronzed in your photos and on stage.

  • Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!
    2002 NPC Team Universe training, and nurition, by Hugo Rivera.

  • Welcome to My World
    Profile on Gina Oakes.

  • Pain Free Training
    The winning secrets, by Kim Hartt.

  • Tricks of the Trade
    Questions include Overtraining; How Far Out should I start my Diet?

  • 3 Weeks To Competition Shape
    Gladiator Training Camp

Natural Health

  • Ask Mr. Vitamin
    For the Nutritionally Concerned. Questions include Mind Numbing Pain; Super Calcium; DGL for Ulcers; About Tofu; and more.

  • Supplement Advisor
    Prohormones and prosteroids. What you need to know before you go for it.

  • Heart Disease - the new risk factors
    The facts have not changed. The number one killer of Americans is heart disease, over 950,000 a year.

  • Pork - the other white meat
    Healthy cuisine with chef Danielle. Pork medallions with a Balsamic Raisin Glaze. Bursting with flavor, this recipe is a must try, two thumbs up!

  • Pump Up with Exotic Herbs
    Suma Root (for all things) and Mulra Puama (root of the male)


  • Pz's Perspective
    Botox - the perfect quick fix party.

  • Natural Bits and Pieces
    Let's just get rid of testing in bodybuilding contests; and more.

  • Change your Mind and Life

  • Fitness Comedy
    Competitor Chronicles - Chapter 3, life behind curls.

  • Menopausal Bodybuilder
    Tighten up and lighten up.

Event Coverage / Misc

  • Survey

  • Schedule of Events
    Upcoming contests including the NGA, NPC, Musclemania, NABF, USBF, WFNA, WTF, Nova, Galaxy, and Fitness America.

  • NGA American International
    American International Championships, June 15, 2002.

  • Midwest Fitness Festival: Superbody 2002
    Nearly 100 of the world's best natural bodybuilding wonders joined on the Musclemania World Tour. Winners include Mark Alvisi, and Janelle Gallo.