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March 2009
Issue 322

Robert Kennedy's Musclemag International prides itself in the principle of building health, fitness and physique, and considers themselves the 'What's New' Magazine of Bodybuilders. This magazine covers all bodybuilding events and techniques, and has excellent pictures. It's motto is building health, fitness and physique. On the cover is Fouad Abiad, the picture by Paul Puceta.

Misc Notes
  • Priority on Pecs: Your chest will explode with this six week routine that targets your pecs not once but twice over the course of your training split. Each workout hits your pects in a completely different way for unsurpassed muscle growth.
  • CPR for better pcs - guaranteed. Five top bodybuilders show you how to breathe new life into your chest routine with these critical pec resuscitation techniques for hardgainers.
  • Lat Trick: He may compete in the new 202 and under weight class, but IFBB pro Ricahrd 'Tricky' Jackson has a back spread that can comepte an any stage.
  • King Kahn: 284 pounds British bodybuilding beast Zack Khan in a dungeion like gym north of London. He is one of the few men that can outmuscle another famous countrymen, Dorian Yates.
  • A Pain in the Press: Training to build monste delts? You wont be if shoulder pain from heavy behind the neck presses is derailing your workouts.
  • The coupon inside this magazine is for a 58% saving off Musclemag, which means 12 issues for $29.97, and also receive a free No Pain, No Gain Training Journal.
  • New products via ads include Gaspari Nutritions Myotropin, a 30 day pre-contest physique compound. Also, Muscletech's Myoshock HSP, and coming soon, Nutrex Lipo-6 Black, the end of the line full body incinerator. Also, 17HD Platinum with 3-Deoxy.