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October 2005

Robert Kennedy's Musclemag International prides itself in the principle of building health, fitness and physique, and considers themselves the 'What's New' Magazine of Bodybuilders. This magazine covers all bodybuilding events and techniques, and has excellent pictures. It's motto is building health, fitness and physique. On the cover is Bob Cicherillo and Jamie Hagan.

October 2005 - Table of Contents
Issue #280

On The Cover
  • Death of Paul DeMayo
  • Alicia Denson Pictorial
  • World's Strongest Man dead at the age of 38 (Anthony Clark)
  • Bigger biceps no-bull routine
  • Bob "Chick" Cicherillo
  • Reader's Survey
More Features
  • No gas? Try this quick fix method of controlling carbs
  • The freaks aren't onstage - they are in the audience.
  • Yes, I am natural and I can prove it (Skip LaCour)
  • The Nutritional Hotline
  • Boys and their toys
  • Paulina Talus - the finest from Finland
  • Dan Lurie: Fitness legend
  • Muscle Gallery

  • Come Get Some Triceps with Me
    Craig Titus takes you through his workout for giant horseshoes, rep by rep.

  • Turn Your Legs into pillars of Power
    Add powerful size to your wheels with this wicked workout

  • No More Excuses
    Making 500 at 40! It was a promise he didn't know he could keep

  • At least, real progress in under an hour
    Hardgainer's 45 minute ultimate workout

  • Success Series
    Can you believe one exercise can do all this? Your magic routine for pulverizing body power!
  • New York Men's Professional
  • New York Women's Professional
  • Arnold Hotline - with Metthew Lamperd
  • Ask the Doctor - with Dr. Nick Evans
  • Beef It - Ultimate Muscle
  • Behind the Iron - the new uncensored
  • Bodybuilding basics - with Eric Blais
  • Bodybuilding Research Review - news you can use
  • Canadian Corner - with Garry Bartlett
  • Classified Advertising - products and services
  • First Rep - Guest Editorial
  • FitMart - New products and ideas
  • Hardcore Training Journal - with Eric Blais
  • Intake Update - with Will Brink
  • Johnny Hardcore - with Eric Blais
  • Memoirs of the King - with Paul Dillett
  • Muscle Beach - gossip with Larry Pepe
  • MuscleBites - stuff you should know
  • Muscle Flashes - with Guy Grundy
  • Muscle Mail - a reader's forum
  • RK Muscle Buzz - with Robert Kennedy
  • Royal Rant - with King Kamali
  • On Matters of Sex - with John Eagan
  • Pearly of the Universe - with legend Bill Pearl
  • Pro Rankings - Latest Update
  • Pro Training - with Charles Glass
  • Pub Page - with Robert Kennedy
  • Quiz - crossword
  • Sets & Reps - with Frank Sepe
  • Strength Training - with Rahim Kassam
  • Super Bodz - with Larry McCusker
  • Through the Keyhole - Arms with Richard Farley
  • Top Bodz - Muscle at its best
  • What If - with larry McCusker
  • What's Cooking - with Carlo Filippone
  • What's On - When, where and who
  • Yukon Hercules - with Dennis Weis