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February 2003

Robert Kennedy's Musclemag International prides itself in the principle of building health, fitness and physique, and considers themselves the 'What's New' Magazine of Bodybuilders. This magazine covers all bodybuilding events and techniques, and has excellent pictures. It's motto is building health, fitness and physique. The Star Profile in this month's issue features 'Art Atwood'. On the cover is Amy Fahdli and Jay Cutler.

February 2003 - Table of Contents
# 248


  • They Don't Make Them Like That Any More
    Pearls of body building wisdom from the best.

  • Wet 'n' Wild
    Check out these clean 'n' lean fitness machines.

  • The Iron Game
    Nutritional facts taht will change your life.

  • Rating the Creatines
    Your 5 star rating system for creatine supplements.

  • Let There Be Light
    Why sunshine is invaluable to bodybuilders?

  • How Insulin and Glucagon Shape Your Body
    Control these two hormones to lose fat and add muscle.

  • California Dream
    How the Golden Eagle discovered 'The Mecca of Muscle'

  • The Science of Size
    When Poliquin speaks - we listen.


  • Priest Principles For Mass Construction
    Lee Priest reveals his secrets to building an impressive physique.

  • Turn Your Legs Into Pillars of Power
    Heavy leg blasting with Mike Morris

  • My 10 Commandments of Bodybuilding
    With top national competitor Mat DuVall.

  • Shoulders That Make Heads Turn!
    Delt building with Joanne Lee

  • An Uncommon Approach To An Extraordinary Body
    New secrets to upper body growth.

  • Cutler Cuts Up Pecs
    Getting the last inch out of your chest training with Jay Cutler.

  • Success Stories - Back Building from Top to Bottom
    Cleaning up your back routine with Jeff Dwelle.


  • Barroom Brawler To Fitness Missionary
    The evolution of Chris Cosich.

  • Rusty Jeffers
    King of the unsung amateurs slugs it out.

  • Star Profile
    Art Atwood. Wisconsin's wonder boy.

  • Don Youngblood
    Young at Heart. Our new Master's Olympia as you've never seen him before.


  • Jan Tana
    Fitness Woman invade sleeping Lynchburg.


  • Arnold Hotline
    With Dom Mochrie

  • Ask Bob
    With Robert Kennedy

  • Ask the Doctor
    With Dr. Nick Evans

  • Beef it
    Ultimate Muscle

  • Bodybuilding Basics
    With Eric Blais

  • Canadian Corner
    With Garry Bartlett

  • Classified Advertising
    Products and Services

  • First Rep
    Guest Editorial

  • Growth Through Science
    With Douglas S. Kalman

  • Hardcore Training Journal
    With Eric Blais

  • Intake Update
    With Bill Brink

  • Last Rep
    Ultimate Pump

  • Muscle Beach
    Hot Gossip with Lori Grannis

  • Muscle Buzz
    News, Views and Gossip

  • Muscle Mail
    A Reader's Forum

  • Muscle News
    With Robert Kennedy

  • Musclemag Quiz
    Win a Free Subscription

  • Musclemag's Pro Rankings
    Latest Update

  • New Faces
    Stats of the Future

  • On Matters of Sex
    With John Eagan

  • Parrillo Maxx
    With John Parrillo

  • Pro Training
    With Charles Glass

  • Sets & Reps
    With Frank Sepe

  • Super Bodz
    With Larry McCusker

  • Top Bodz
    Muscle At It's Best

  • Uncensored!
    Hardcore Q&A

  • Up Next
    Next month.

  • What If?
    With Larry McCusker

  • What's On
    When, Where and Who