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August 2002

Robert Kennedy's Musclemag International prides itself in the principle of building health, fitness and physique, and considers themselves the 'What's New' Magazine of Bodybuilders. This magazine covers all bodybuilding events and techniques, and has excellent pictures. It's motto is building health, fitness and physique. The Star Profile in this month's issue features 'Flavio Baccianini'. On the cover is Timea Majorova and Sarah Orbanic, with Jay Cutler in the inset.

August 2002 - Table of Contents
# 242


  • The Inviting Facade
    Food for thought about drugs, attitude and the bodybuilding lifestyle.

  • Outrageous in Las Vegas
    It's a safe bet that you will enjoy these sexy women let loose on the streets of Las Vegas.

  • Banish Unwanted Hair Forever!
    New hair remover gets the job done - easy as 1-2-3.

  • Testosterone Replacement
    Is it the answer for the aging bodybuilder? Could be! Check it out!

  • Success Series
    The thyroid gland and the bodybuilder. A must read.


  • High Intensity Pec Blast
    Six great pec builders you must try with natural pro Markus Reinhardt.

  • My 5 Best Melon Builders
    With USA champion bodybuilding Quincy Taylor.

  • Strengthening the Lower Back
    Without squatting! Coach Bill Starr gives alternative methods for training your lower body.

  • Squat Day Prep
    Tom 'The Golden Eagle' Platz takes us through a killer squat day routine. Learn from the best!

  • Bigger Biceps in 15 Seconds
    No fooling! Here's a new 'eccentric pump' approach to gaining arm size.


  • Mike Quinn Reveals

  • The Amazing Transformation of Leon Eastman
    A special athlete report.

  • Apollo to a Satyr
    Edwin J. Townsend's landmark photographs of Tony Sansone.

  • Star Profile
    Leo Stern: Meet the pioneer of bodybuilding who trained both Clancy Ross and Bill Pearl.


  • Potential Realized!
    The Johnny Fitness report from Columbus of the Ms. International. Exciting stuff.

  • San Francisco Grand Prix
    Lee Priest makes an unforgettable comeback!


  • Arnold Hotline
    With Dom Mochrie

  • Ask Bob
    With Robert Kennedy

  • Ask the Doctor
    With Dr. Nick Evans

  • Beef it
    Ultimate Muscle

  • Bodybuilding Basics
    With Eric Blais

  • Canadian Corner
    With Garry Bartlett

  • Classified Advertising
    Products and Services

  • First Rep
    Guest Editorial

  • Growth Through Science
    With Douglas S. Kalman

  • Hardcore Training Journal
    With Eric Blais

  • Intake Update
    With Bill Brink

  • Last Rep
    Ultimate Pump

  • Muscle Beach
    Hot Gossip with Lori Grannis

  • Muscle Buzz
    News, Views and Gossip

  • Muscle Mail
    A Reader's Forum

  • Muscle News
    With Robert Kennedy

  • Musclemag Quiz
    Win a Free Subscription

  • Musclemag's Pro Rankings
    Latest Update

  • New Faces
    Stats of the Future

  • On Matters of Sex
    With John Eagan

  • Parrillo Maxx
    With John Parrillo

  • Pro Training
    With Charles Glass

  • Sets & Reps
    With Frank Sepe

  • Super Bodz
    With Larry McCusker

  • Top Bodz
    Muscle At It's Best

  • Uncensored!
    Hardcore Q&A

  • Up Next
    Next month.

  • What If?
    With Larry McCusker

  • What's On
    When, Where and Who